Christmas toys, game consoles and other holiday gifts are out of stock in Europe and America


Source: ennews

The traditional Christmas Day of Western countries will soon be ushered in, and people in Europe and the United States have made early preparations for this holiday.


According to foreign media reports, toys, children's Christmas socks, bicycles, game consoles and other popular holiday products shipped from China have been sold out in Europe and the United States. In the next few days of the festival, it is still unknown whether people in some European and American countries can buy the holiday gifts they need.


This year, due to the epidemic, ports in some parts of the world are congested and seaports operate inefficiently. Even though Chinese sellers prepared for the Christmas season early, the shipping problem still failed to make the goods arrive at the destination in time.


The arrival of the peak season has caused the sea freight to soar continuously. There is a serious shortage of container containers, and the sea freight even soars to the point where the seller can not bear the direct call. Although in the third quarter, China's coastal cities issued the electricity restriction order, causing a temporary drop in the sea freight, from the recent situation, the sea freight is still rising during the Christmas season.


The publisher of Toy World magazine said:"This year, ocean container freight rates have soared. One year ago, the unit price was $4000, but now it may be as high as $20000."High freight has also become an important factor affecting product transportation and supply chain.


The outbreak of the epidemic has not only affected shipping, but also caused a chain reaction in other fields. The shortage of chips in mechanical products and auto parts has also reduced the production of many global commodities, from game consoles to cars. Although it is reported that some toys have started to use low-end chips, experts said that with the shortage of other chips, chip factories may be turning to high-end chips with higher profits.


This year's sellers have been preparing for the peak season. However, due to repeated epidemics, tight supply chains, frequent congestion of marine logistics, and changes in the shopping plans of global consumers, cross-border sellers thought they could start a sales boom in the Black Five, and make a steady profit, but the reality is always disappointing. Many sellers said that they had a quiet and cold yearBlack Five.


nowadaysOn the eve of the Christmas season,GlobalfindNew variationstrain The epidemic is still going on. We hope that people can comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, take good care of protection, and shop normally during Christmas,Receive Christmas gifts as soon as possible,Have a happy and warm Christmas!

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