Britain is expected to spend 94.4 billion pounds during Christmas


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

As Christmas approaches, British people celebrate Christmas in various forms every year. In order to better understand their preferences,Next conducted a survey of 2000 British respondents to find out how they celebrate Christmas, from the arrangement of Christmas decorations, clothing, dinner, gifts and other aspects.


According to statistics, consumersEvery year on Christmas EvetakeThe people closest to them spend as much as£ 1380,Among them, the most important thing is the selection of children's gifts, which costs about130 pounds. In addition to the big meal, there is no shortage of drinks at dinner time,Soda, tea, coffee, wine and beerThey are all popular among them.


As for the choice of Christmas gifts, another study shows that people prefer to receivePractical products, of which the most popular gift isGift Cards and Cash, followed by beautifulclothing, and thenMovie or performance ticket, in addition,Alcohol and perfumeIt is also a popular gift alternative.


Influenced by the tight supply chain and the declining economic level, consumers' shopping ideas are biased this yearConcept of environmental protection and sustainability。 Two fifths of consumers said they would reuse Christmas decorations instead of buying new ones. In terms of Christmas trees, one fourth said they would buy reusable Christmas trees instead of real live Christmas trees.


For online shopping,OverpackingyesconsumerThe main points of concern,30%intervieweeexpressNot inOnline orders with over packagingBuy back at the seller's office, and pay more attention to environmental protection packaging and issues related to carbon emissions when selecting goods.


As an important festival in the West, Christmas has always been celebrated well. Naturally, various Christmas gifts are indispensable. However, with the recent repeated epidemic and the formation of online shopping habits, e-commerce platforms have become the first choice of many consumers. As the Christmas season is coming to an end, sellers should seize the last opportunity to reasonably arrange the market layout.



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