Amazon Cloud Department is subject to anti-monopoly review by FTC


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

according toForeign media reports, Federal Trade CommissionFTCAmazon cloud computing businessconductAntitrust review.


According to insidersInvestigators from the Federal Trade CommissionalreadyIn the past few monthssomeThe company collects information on competitive issues related to Amazon's web servicesAfter the news from foreign media, Amazon's share price fell nearly1% to $3381.


According to the financial report released by Amazon earlier,AmazonThe cloud computing department is its main profit source. In the third quarter, the cloud computing department broughtsixteenoneBillion dollarThe revenue has increased compared with the same period last year39%。


In AmazonCloud businessAt the same time of rapid development,Federal Trade CommissionLeader, former Columbia Law School professor Lena·But Han has also targeted the monopoly behavior of these technology giants, Lina KehanWarn Amazon, etctycoonCorporate vs. Digital EconomyofCompetitive compositionHasThreats.


Federal Trade Commissionat presentOne question to consider is whether Amazon discriminates againstProducts sold by AWS customersandSoftware companies competing with AmazonofmotivationThe survey results show that, Amazon may punishthoseCompanies that work with other cloud service providers prefer those that work exclusively withownCooperative companies.


Federal Trade CommissionThe investigation of Amazon started with Joe, the former chairman of Trump's government·During the reign of Simmons. According to people familiar with the matter, Amazon hashisProvidesrelevantInformation.

Amazon's cloud computing servicestayTheMarket occupationmeansDominance, which provides the storage and computing power needed to run applications. According to analyst estimates,Amazon's cloud computing system is better than its biggest competitorMicrosoftAzure is several times larger.


This is not the first time Amazon's cloud computing department has been targeted. As early as this yearAround August, Amazon's cloud computing department received a sky high ticket of US $888.6 million from the EU for allegedly violating the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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