New darling of e-commerce - live shopping


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

With the development of social economy, people's shopping methods are also changing. From the initial purchase by means of transportation to the store, to the subsequent purchase on the website, to the current new shopping mode——The rise of live shopping.


Live shopping is a huge industry in the world,according toCoresight data, 2019live broadcastShopping has emerged in the worldUS $60 billionofsales volume, while the United States only accounts forHasLess thanUS $1 billion.


Live videoSame as e-commerceofcombination,Bring to the publicHasNew interactiveReal time shopping experience.Only through simple network devices, businesses can intuitively display goods in physical stores to consumers.


nowadaysConsumers don't need to go againRead the product descriptionas well asSearch for customers on the InternetEvaluation of productsIt only needsjoinLive broadcast roomYou can listen to the anchor before shoppingconductRelated goodsofDetailed description and shopping feedback from other consumers




Consumers are increasingly dependent on mobile devices,From shopping, payment toTake photos, watch videos, entertainment, etc. YesMore than half of Internet shoppingactivityFrom a mobile device.Live shoppingMobile DevicesMainly, veryFit for the presentconsumerofConsumption habits


According to the prediction of relevant institutions, the US marketConsumption expenditure of smart phone in 2021takeachieveUS $221.2 billion, expected to exceed US $400 billion by 2024Live shopping is really a blue ocean market in the United States.


enhanceConsumer shoppingThe power of experience


live broadcastShopping is the closestphysical storeShopping experienceShopping behavior, consumersAbility to ask questions and communicate withanchorDirect interaction。 People can evenInvite friends inSame live broadcastbetweenSo they canshareOpinions and shopping together


Moreover, the sameVideo ads are different,Consumers have the right to choose live shoppingandLive shoppingNot involvedCookie trackingproblemOnly when consumers are interested in the product can they enter the live broadcast room, which is the same as offlineThe shopping experience is very similar.


In addition, live shopping also allowsbrandadoptUnique way to show their productsFor example, onlinefashion showEtc.Businesses can also use videoTell aboutBrand or productstory,To some extent, can establish popularity,attractMore audience consumption


Electronic CommercewithSocial mediaofcombinationAccompanied by mobile devicesPopularization ofAnd relatedtechnologyofProgress,stillFor thoseBecause of the epidemicTrappedstayHome isolationAnd consumers who expect interpersonal relationships providegoodSolution for.


In short,Whether people participateLive shoppingIs it for entertainment, to pass the time, or to enjoy more interactive shopping,Go to the live broadcast room for shoppingFor consumers around the worldallIt has great attraction.

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