"All people" cross-border e-commerce: the big brands of Chinese goods go to sea collectively, and ByteDance launches cross-border export APP!


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The competition in the field of cross-border e-commerce export has escalated into a visible smoke!


In the first half of 2021, the import and export volume of cross-border e-commerce in mainland China was 886.7 billion yuan, up 28.6% year on year. Among them, Guangzhou alone has gathered more than 30000 cross-border e-commerce enterprises.


"I heard that Amazon has made a lot of money. Do you think I can do it?"


When cross-border e-commerce flies into ordinary people's homes and villagesThe 50 year old uncle is also ready to move. In the era of cross-border e-commerce,Cross border e-commerce exports have attracted many"Giant".Yeon.com learned that since this year,ByteDance, JD, Alibaba, Tencent, etc. have all stepped up efforts to layout overseas markets:


ByteDanceSubordinateindependentExportonline retailersAPP Mall FannoIt has been officially launched. At the same time, it is launched by ByteDanceE-commerce system integrating sales and advertising functionsTikTok ShoppingAt present, the registration channel of the British market has also been opened.


Hand gripLazada, AliExpress and Alibaba, which are the three "sharp tools" for going to sea in the international station, have also turned their attention to the fast fashion track. It is reported that Alibaba has launched an app called "allyLikes" and a corresponding website, targeting women who focus on clothes purchase.


Tencent, Alibaba's old rival, has also entered the cross-border market. Compared with the development of the whole chain of cross-border transactions such as Alibaba's sales, logistics and payment, Tencent is more playing a roleThe role of "water seller". In November this year, Tencent Cloud officially released a one-stop solution for cross-border e-commerce, which includes 11 cross-border e-commerce business links, such as product selection, station building, finance, logistics, customs declaration, tax rebate, and marketing. This means that Tencent, which has always participated in cross-border industries only as an investment role, should go deep into the cross-border e-commerce field to earn money.


At the same time, JD, a domestic e-commerce giant, also needs to share a slice of the cross-border market. JD has always hadAs the name of "Chinese Amazon", its layout in cross-border fields is also inextricably linked with Amazon. Recently, insiders disclosed that JD is acquiring Amazon stores and will gradually launch its own brand, namely Made in Beijing, in the future.


In addition to platform and capital, well-known brands of Chinese goods, such as Suma, Antarctica, Jimi Technology, Konka, Xiaoxiong Electric, etc"Big Brother" has gone to sea collectively


When the most talented people in China gather in the overseas market, what will be the lively scene of the cross-border e-commerce export track?


Latest journey of ByteDance cross-border sailing:TikTok Shop and Fanno Platform


The ByteDance overseas e-commerce empire building is gradually building high.


On December 22,TikTok Shop officially announced that it is fully open to Chinese sellers, and all sellers can enter immediately, open your ownTikTok Shop。


Yeon.com learned that,TikTok Shop first opened the UK market to Chinese sellers, and then gradually expanded toEuropean marketAnd plan to move fromIn Q1 2022, the market in Southeast Asia will be expandedThe settled sellers can sell all kinds of commodities,cover3C digital, beauty personal care, clothing accessories, shoes, boots, bags, furniture, life, plush toys, holiday gifts, etc.sellerYou can choose to passPromote self-service promotion, or enhance product exposure, click and purchase through the new bidding advertising solution provided by TikTok Ads Manager platform.


along withTikTok has launched cross-border e-commerce APP overseas, and its domestic rival Kwai has also accelerated its layout in cross-border e-commerce.


Kwai Overseas EditionKwai chooses the track of live broadcast e-commerce to enter cross-border e-commerceGive play to your advantages.Some time ago,Kwai cooperated with Casas Bahia, the largest household appliance retailer in Brazil, and AmazFit, the Xiaomi fitness wristband, to conduct the test of live broadcast e-commerce. The goal is to take a leading position in the field of live broadcast e-commerce in Brazil. Mariana Sensini, Director of Kwai Brazilexpress"The use of live broadcasts to display products, attract consumers and sell is a new trend in global e-commerce. We are very happy to launch this business in Brazil."


In domestic Internet and e-commerce companiesone after anotherJoining the cross-border e-commerce marketbackgroundNext, Kwai's overseas e-commerce layoutalsoIn reason.Just compared with Tiktok,Kwai's overseas live broadcast e-commerce processIt seems to be a lot slower.


this yearJuneTikTok Shop has startedInvite Chinese Mainland/Leading sellers and DTC brands of Hong Kong entities participated in the testTikTokThey said that,Merchants settledofGMV is growing rapidly, for example, during the Black Five Promotions,Clothing brandThe daily GMV of Cider has increased by more than 3 times, and the monthly maximum for new brand customers is $1000. The cumulative number of live fans has increased by 720%.


According to cloud infrastructure companies that track Internet trafficCloudflar data,TikTok will become the most visited Internet website in the world in 2021, surpassing Google, the leader of Alphabet last yearTikTokAsThe number of global monthly active users exceeds1 billion short videos, ownMore than one million excellent content creatorsRanking of downloads in the global application marketalsoRank first for a long time


Having multiple advantagesTikTokBack up,TikTok Shop"Global good, global trading"The goal of,TikTok e-commerce will enter major global mainstream markets in the next five years, reaching a scale of hundreds of billions of dollars”Bob, Vice President of ByteDance and Head of E-commerce Businessexpress.


Cross border e-commerce platform "all people" Cross border e-commerce: the big brands of Chinese goods go to sea collectively, and ByteDance launches cross-border export APP!


The birth of TikTok Shop is an important chess piece for ByteDance to expand the global market, and ByteDance's ambition to encircle the global market is not only TikTok Shop, but also Fanno.


In November, Fanno, an independent e-commerce app store launched by ByteDance, was officially launched on the iOS App Store. In terms of commodity selection, Fanno has put on shelves a number of categories, including clothing, 3C accessories, fashion accessories, cosmetics, children's toys, pet products, household, outdoor and fitness products, with clothing category as the main category.


The page is mainly divided into"Black FiveSpecial Area for Promotion Activities”Four modules: "New users receive rewards for 1 euro", "Hot sales and hot sales" and "Recommend for you". There are large discounts ranging from 40% to 60% for many popular products across the platform, and the selling price is mostly between 1 euro and 16 euros.byIn December 2021, Fanno will be mainly open to the European market, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.It is not difficult to see that low prices becomeFannoA stepping stone to the European market


They are all the products of ByteDance in overseas market,Fanno and TikTok Shop both set the starting market in Europe. Why Europe? The European market is the platform with the most cross-border e-commerce sellers besides North America. Research data shows that,It is estimated that the total sales of e-commerce in Europe will reach396 billion euros. Since e-commerce platforms account for about half of e-commerce sales, the total sales of European e-commerce platforms are about 120 billion to 150 billion euros.


Based on consumers' preferences, the five most popular e-commerce platforms in Europe are AmazoneBay、Etsy、Asos、Wish。 Quicksell, which failed to rank in the top five, also wants to take more market share in Europe.


Alibaba announced that it will take AliExpress as itsThe main growth engine of European market in 2022. "Due to the low price of its products, AliExpress has a bad reputation in France, but Alibaba is investing heavily to change its image. At the same time, Alibaba is also investing heavily in its logistics subsidiaries to compete with Amazon in Europe by opening seven logistics centers."


Platforms like AliExpress are eyeing the European market. AmazonOld brand e-commerce platforms such as eBay have established themselves in the European market. Fanno and TikTok Shop have entered Europe at this time. If they want to share a piece of the cake smoothly, they must have their own unique advantages.


TikTok Shop relies on TikTok's 1 billion monthly live user traffic worldwide, and one by one, which proves that TikTok has become a new buying habit of global consumers. With TikTok open, the e-commerce trip of TikTok Shop will be much smoother.


What is Fanno's magic weapon?So far,Fanno's advantage is that it is backed by the ByteDance of the "golden father", and the product price is more attractive.Fanno's strategic playJustIt is to seize the market with low prices to cultivate the shopping habit of consumption.openAPP, the 0.1 euro rampant in the eyes is really puzzling: is there any profit for the seller at such a low price?Already registeredThe seller of the platform said, front end of platformofThe price is notbusinessofrealSelling price,andIt is the platform that gives consumers preferential treatmentThis operation can be called"10 billion pounds subsidy".


Low price play is not so muchOne of Fanno's major advantages is that it is rather a conventional weapon for all platforms and sellers to seize more market share. This is because lower prices will lead to more demand. In turn, more demand will generate more purchasing power, thus reducing the purchase price, which can then be converted into lower product prices.


Low price and popular in the international market, but withLogistics, etcIncreasing costsOn the contrary, the low price policy has become an important factor hindering the development of cross-border e-commerce.


2021European VAT regulationsGreat changes,Container freight costs between Europe and ChinaalsoIncreased nearly10 EUR,Against this background, a large number of sellers on platforms such as AliExpress and Amazon are in a dilemma between sales and profits,If sales growth is maintained without sacrificing profits, price sensitive customers will be lost.”The seller is still in such a situation, and the platform is not easy. If Fanno wants to have the strength to compete with Amazon, it cannot rely on the low price alone.


From the perspective of operational requirements for sellersFanno does not support seller behavior in many aspects of pre-sales and after-sales service. At present, the platform will uniformly handle pre-sales and after-sales customer service services, withhold and remit VAT, and does not support sellers to put advertisements on the site by themselves. Instead, the platform's user growth team is responsible for advertising. The logistics mode is also the platform goods collection mode. After the order is generated, the seller needs to mark the delivery in the background within 2 days, and the official logistics service chamber will collect and send to overseas customers.


There are many restrictions on the seller's operation, which shows that compared with mature platforms such as AliExpress and Amazon,Fanno is still in the growth stage, but ByteDance is taking many measures to fundamentally solve the supply chain, logistics, operations and other problems. In August this year, ByteDance invested in Zongteng Group, a comprehensive logistics service provider. In about three months, ByteDance invested about $10 million more and about $10 million in iMile, an e-commerce logistics enterprise in the Middle East,According to insiders, the team under ByteDance will increase its cooperation withCooperation with SaaS enterprises.


At present, Fanno is not open to investment attraction, and only invites merchants to settle in,Predictably, withThe Fanno platform is gradually becoming mature, and it is only a matter of time before it is open to investment. Will you be stationed at that time? As soon as the news of Fanno's debut came out, a large number of cross-border sellers began to roast at the same time"International Pinduoduo" is comingFanno can't go far. Similar sounds emerge in endlessly, butThe story is still developing, and it is expected nowFannoIt is too early to end the "". We may wish to look forward to the continuous launch of new actions in the cross-border fieldByteDance can bring new expectations to the mature and stable European market.


Fast fashion track for cross-border e-commerce export: more and more"Shein" are born!


Alibaba's layout of cross-border track is earlier and more experienced than ByteDance. However, Alibaba does not seem satisfied with the status quo.


Cross border e-commerce "all people" Cross border e-commerce: the big brands of Chinese goods go to sea collectively, and ByteDance launches cross-border export APP!


AlialreadyA model namedThe app of "allyLikes" also has corresponding websites, which are distributed in North America and Europe, focusing on women's clothing purchase.  openAllyLikes' websites and applications canwithFound that,Its product categories include new collections, clothing, dresses, tops, bottoms, underwear, accessories and other options,The price ranges from a few dollars a pieceFrom T-shirts to leather jackets costing more than $30 each.


Users can select the style, size and other information according to their preferences to match the relevant goods, select the goods and pay,AllyLikes will be delivered to users within two weeks. In order to attract users to trade, users can enjoy a 3 euro discount on their first order in allyLikes and free delivery for orders over 19 euros.


AllyLikes has opened accounts on Facebook and Instagram, and has accumulated more than 30000 fans. On these social media, allyLikes will also cooperate with online celebrities (influential people) to sponsor products and provide them with 50% commission and other extra benefits to promote the brand and increase sales.


allyLikesIt's hard not to think of various sales models of the platformShein, in other words, Alibaba has also targeted the big cake of fast fashion cross-border e-commerce.


Alibaba is not the only one who is optimistic about the future of fast fashion.In 2020,Co founder of the original car groupAfter CTO Zhang Xiaopei left his job, he founded the "full volume and full speed",The "full volume and full speed" project won about 30 million dollars of angel round investment before it was named, with a valuation of 150 million dollars after investment.


In June 2021, we will complete the round A financing of 100 million US dollars in full and full speed. The investors are Today Capital, Sequoia Capital ChinaIDG CapitalShanhang Capital and Five Source Capital.


classShein Fast Fashion is an export cross-border e-commerce brand. Its full volume and full speed positioning is to be a "Chinese version of ZARA",The excess domestic clothing supply chain capacity is transferred overseas, and the inventory turnover speed is extremely fast, and the main sales price is lower thanFashion women's wear for $20 or less than $5.


Cross border e-commerce projects launched by Antarctic e-commerceFOMMOS, the layout is alsoFast fashionThis track.this yearOctober,Antarctic E-commerceIts cross-border e-commerce platformFOMMOSformalgo online.Antarctic e-commerce said that in the next five years, it will focus onThe two main lines of "brand+consumer goods", combined with "digital+supply chain", reach "user+channel", and focus on expanding six business lines,The cross-border independent platform will be one of the six key business lines in the future.benchmarking Shein'sFOMMOSOnce online, cross-border sellers roast:Can't see any advantage over burning money? I'm afraid I can't win”、“Can't be a little innovativeIs it interesting to copy the interface almost one-to-one?”……


You can be forgiven for questioning!


More and more similarThe platform of Shein has emerged. After the creation of Shein as a "monster" in the field of fast fashion, many "giants" in China have rushed to the fast fashion market to create the next Shein. However,Many entrants want toShein's comparable action is just to copy Shein,Is this method really feasible? The ending may not be very optimistic, when fast fashionCross border e-commerce platforms have also been rolled up,The entrants should seriously consider whether fast fashion is onlyThe Shein mode is one way.


JD, Tencent and others enter the arena: the competition between water sellers and sellers is upgraded


More and more Chinese people are building cross-border e-commerce platforms, which shows that the competition between platforms is starting to intensify, while the competition between Chinese sellers has already been upgraded and iterated, and the capital battle is full of capital, including some capital with complete logistics, choice and other supply chain resources, such as JD.


In 2021, the world's largest

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