The seller's products become free props, and the buyer: "Everyone does this"


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

It is not uncommon for buyers to use the return policy to whore for nothing. For example, after receiving the clothes sent back from the computer, they continue to ask for return after using it for a period of time. The platform bugs nourish manyAlthough there are also cases of "swindlers" who have been arrested for fraud, this kind of small fraud is also repeatedly prohibited.


Recently, a seller shared relevant experience, and the plot was even more absurd. The seller attended the Christmas party and met several filmmakers. From the conversation with them, he learned a typical case of white whoring.


A: Our entire Halloween party is decorated with Amazon items, and then returned in full.


B: A set designer for a low budget movie I know ordered all furniture and items from Amazon and returned them after filming.


C: If Amazon doesn't want us to control the system, they won't set it that way.


And from their conversation,They all thought that this was a common phenomenon in the circle, and said that it was not dishonesty, but just a mess of Amazon.


As soon as the post was published, it triggered comments from many sellers and showed their own cases.


This kind of case does not only exist in Amazon,A seller accidentally stepped on someone's glasses near the court while playing volleyball. The seller offered to pay for maintenance or replacement, but the owner of the glasses said there was no problem and he would return the glasses toCostco。 The seller suggested that Costco would suffer undue losses in this way, but the owner of the glasses did not think that such concerns were necessary, and the platform would not mind.


butSome sellers said that the above cases were not theft, but under normal circumstances"Reasonable" return。 Each category is different. It is OK to return defective or inappropriate items. Returning disposable products is a serious fraud. Although it is not very friendly to sellers, the loose return policy is one of the important factors for the platform to attract consumers.


In particular, some Christmas decorations and small cards are not uncommon to be returned after holiday use. Many sellers report that the return rate in the peak season has increased. Amazon should also consider them from the perspective of sellers. Third party sellers are also important customers of the platform.


Amazon's return policy has always been the object of sellers' roast. Many sellers said that although they had no choice, they should communicate with buyers in a timely manner to minimize losses in this case.

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