Attention! Amazon will update its return policy for international sales


Author:Li Kai
Source: ennews

Today, Amazon UK released a new announcement stating that it will update its customer return policy for international sales.


Attention to cross-border e-commerce platforms! Amazon will update its return policy for international sales


Amazon stated that,fromStarting from October 5, 2021,The new return policy applies toAll in European storesNamelyAmazon., Amazon. de, Amazon. fr, Amazon. es, Amazon. itThe most favored nation sales partner who sells and fulfills customer orders from abroad.sellerMust provide Amazon with a value equal to or lower than£ 20/Default domestic return address for 25 euros (including value-added tax) products, or provide non return refunds for these products in other waysservice.


For example, ifsellerTo be delivered onOrders received from outside of Germany on Amazon. de with goods equal to or less than 25 euros (including value-added tax), or ifsellerstayReceived an order on Amazon. and the product is equal to or less than £ 20 (including value-added tax), andsellerFulfilling orders from outside the UK,beNeed to provide a default return address in the UK (or return and refund)service).


sellerDefault return address provided to AmazontakeFor all returns within the scope of Amazon's return policy,so thatGenerate Amazon prepaid return labels for customers (only applicableAPRL registered seller) or unpaid address label.At the same time, customers can provide return and refund services through this address.


It is worth noting that,IfsellerIf the store sold does not provide a default domestic return address, Amazon will automatically representsellerFor all policies that meet the above thresholdProduct developmentReturns and refunds,andNo need to return the product toseller.


Amazon stated that,When calculating whether the returned item has reached the threshold,AmazonWill considersellerThe product price (including value-added tax).AmazonUpdated international sales policies for customer returns and clarified that shipping costs do not consider calculation thresholds.However,Refunds processed for customerstakeIncluding product pricesValue added tax and freight paid by the customer (if applicable).Amazon reminds sellersCarefully review the updated plan policy,On the planning policy change pagetakeProvide a version to track changes in returns from international sales customers.


In addition, Amazon stated that,IfsellerOne or more European stores where the sales are located do not have a default domestic return address,sellerYou can contact the international return providers listed on the service provider's network page, and they may provide assistance.andFor items that exceed the threshold,sellerWe need to provide a domestic return address, return refund or prepaid return label,sellerCannotthereforeCollect from customersadditionalExpenses.


Amazon's updated return policy is intended to provide customers with a better consumer experience. The policy of helplessness is too strict on sellers, and I believe many sellers are going to cry and faint in the bathroom

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