Shenzhen is sending money again! A tree, Tongtuo, and other large-scale sales received millions of subsidies


Author:Lu Xueping
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This year, the wave of Amazon's account suspension has dealt a huge blow to some sellers, but many sellers, including big sellers, have started to look for new ways out in their business.


this yearIn August, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued a notice on organizing the application work for the 2021 Central Foreign Economic and Trade Development Special Fund Support, bringing comfort and hope to many sellers. It is reported that the list of projects to be funded (rewarded) has been announced recently, and the publicity period has passed. Among the list of projects that have received funding, there are many well-known celebrities.


1.97 million yuan in funding! Tongtuo, Zebao and other major sellers are all among them


From the list of recipients of funding, it can be seen that,Tongtuo, Zebao, Youkeshu, Saiwei, Yibai Network, etcAll 20 major sellers have received funding from independent station projects, with an amount of 1.97 million yuan.


According to the previous announcement issued by the Shenzhen Bureau of Commerce,There are three main special conditions for applying for funding for independent station projects:


Independent stations must be locatedStarted online operation before January 1, 2019And the operation of the independent station is good, with long-term operation and stability in the future; Stand independently in the past year(July 2020 to June 2021),The average monthly sales revenue is greater than or equal to300000 US dollars;Enterprises applying for independent website support must hold the ownership of the domain name of the independent website, which is greater than or equal to50% stakeEnterprises can hold it directly or indirectly.


Regarding the conditions for applying for the above-mentioned subsidies, some sellers have discussed and stated that in order to apply, it is necessary to meet the requirements of independent station operation for more than three years and sales revenue reaching the standard, which is not easy for many sellersMost of the big sellers on this list who have received funding for independent station projects areFrequent customers,This further demonstrates the wealth of experience and investment that these big sellers have accumulated.


In terms of the cross-border e-commerce market, government support is an important driving force for its rapid development.The state has increased its support for independent stations. With the support of policies, independent stations have attracted more and more sellers, opening up a Xintiandi in the field of independent stations.


The CEO of the Shenzhen Cross border E-commerce Association also stated that the development momentum of the cross-border e-commerce industry is strong. However, due to multiple factors such as the Amazon account suspension wave and rising logistics costs, many sellers are struggling. In order to help cross-border e-commerce enterprises overcome difficulties, the government has chosen to prioritize funding for individual projects.


Among them,partObtaining governmentList of Funded EnterprisesBelow, if interested sellers want to view the entire list, simply copy the link and open it:


Going to Shenzhen and paying again! A tree, Tongtuo, and other large-scale sales received millions of subsidies


In fact, as early as this yearIn August, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce provided strong support for the development of foreign economic and trade, vigorously carrying out the application and acceptance of special fund support for foreign economic and trade development, and the exploration and support of the cross-border e-commerce enterprise market is an important part of it.


Not only support for independent station projects,The Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce has also provided strong support for cross-border e-commerce digital application projectsIncluding Huabao New Energy, Tongtuo, Yibai, Xiapi, Saiwei, Youkeshu, etc26 companies have received financial support.


In addition, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce has also provided strong support for cross-border e-commerce public overseas warehouses, with support for Emler's overseas warehouses, Difang, and TongtuoEmler's overseas warehouse received the highest financial support, providing2.96 million yuan.


From the above list, it can be seen that the supported enterprises are not only well-known cross-border supermarkets in Shenzhen, but also have won funding for multiple projects such as independent websites, cross-border e-commerce digital applications, and public overseas warehouses, which can be said to have yielded fruitful results. In fact, in addition to the well-known big sellers we are familiar with, there are also some low-key independent website big sellers who have received millions of funding.


Monthly traffic exceeding one million, the branding path of security sales


In this award list, there is an independent station project called Shenzhen Ruilian Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ruilian)(Reolink. com) has also received funding from the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce.


Over the years, how has Ruilian made progress on the road to sea, and what achievements has it achieved?


According to the official website of Ruilian, the companyFounded in 2009, it is a leading provider of video products and solutions in China, focusing on video technology,Focusing on three directions: intelligent cameras and sensors, private cloud storage, and internet cloud servicesFocusing on the application of smart homes, products and solutions are mainly aimed at the European and American markets.


Like many cross-border brands, Ruilian initially started out as a OEM OEM foreign trade product. Due to the low profit margin of OEM products, Ruilian ultimately chose the branding path, andstayIn 2015, he created his own brand - Reolink.

B2b Shenzhen sends money again! A tree, Tongtuo, and other large-scale sales received millions of subsidies


Brand building naturally requires its own brand moat. Among them, the most important thing is technical strength.


Although not clearReolink has invested in research and development funds, but it is understood that the number of R&D personnel accounts for one fourth of the total number of employees. With sufficient technical support, Reolink has established a complete product line and continuously updates and iterates its products.


According to the official website,Reolink mainly has three product lines, including wireless battery cameras, indoor intelligent security cameras, and security monitoring systems.


In addition to hardware products,Reolink also has its own software product - the "Cloud Subscription Service" ReolinkCloud, which is used to meet consumer data storage needs. Although the price is not high ($3-10), the gross profit has reached over 40%.


According to statistics,The traffic of the Reolink independent station reached 1.77 million in NovemberAlthough not as popular as the top sellers, as an independent station for vertical products, this number is already quite good.


From a regional perspective,The largest source of traffic on the Reolink website is from the United States, with traffic accounting for nearly half (43.83%),Next is Germany(8.12%) and the United Kingdom (6.94%). From the perspective of channel sources, the main sources of Reolink traffic are keyword search advertisements (58.99%) and direct access (30.91%).


On social platforms such asYouTube, Reddit, Facebook, and Reolink have also conducted advertising campaigns and collaborated with internet celebrities to launch evaluation content.


The acquisition of traffic is important, but the conversion of traffic is equally important. In order to improve the conversion rate,Reolink has refined the operation of the website.


In order to promote purchases,The Reolink website has set up interactive product recommendation images, which can recommend the most suitable products to consumers based on their choices, and display the product's effectiveness and comparison through videos.


Reolink has an average monthly traffic of over one million, and from its establishment to becoming a leader in the security industry among domestic overseas brands, it deserves this funding. In fact, as a large number of Amazon boutique sellers switch to independent websites, there are more and more overseas brands that focus on technology and brand shaping, just like Reolink. Independent websites will also usher in a warmer spring!



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