USPS received more than 13.2 billion packages during holidays


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

The number of orders and packages in peak season has increased dramaticallyUnited States Postal ServiceUSPSAnnounced the number of packages for this holiday shopping season, and the data shows thatReceived more than13.2 billion pieces of mail and parcels.


last yearThe increase of single quantity in peak seasonThe entire shipping industry has collapsed, causing many packages to be delayed for weeks.USPS said that it had done a lot of equipment work before the peak season this year, and these measures had achieved good results in coping with the surge in holidays.


USPS is based on tenAnnual planCarried outOperational improvement and strategic investmentThis measuresendhave toUSPSImproved daily processing capacity13 million packagesamountAlthough after ThanksgivingTransaction volumesoarhere we are2.8 billion, buthisPreparations help mitigate delays.


USPS said that between Thanksgiving Day and New Year's Eve, mail or parcels are delivered through the postal service networkAverage demand2.7 days.AndAccepted at the same time in 2020of12 billion 700 millionParcel quantitycomparison,This year'sThe number has increased by nearly4%。


USPSAt the beginning of last yearJustStart withPrepare for the peak holiday season in 2021. These preparations not only correspond to the challenges faced last year, but also correspond to the 10 years of U.S. postal serviceplan"Delivered for the United States" is consistent


For example, increase185000 new employees were recruited,Include pairThe re employment of 63000 employees before leaving and the employment of 40000 seasonal employees;Expanding the footprint of the facility to address bottlenecks and improve the flow of mail and parcels;Installed112 new parcel sorters and more than 50 parcel systems capable of sorting large parcels;Diversified and reliable transportation modes shall be adopted.


This year, there is a serious shortage of drivers, which has affected the transportation of all walks of life, especially increasing the pressure on e-commerce delivery,USPSadoptImprove the utilization rate of long-distance transportation to alleviate the shortage of drivers.


But at the same time, the return of goods is also increasing,UPS recently said that it is expected to handle more than 60 million returned packages between November 14 and January 22, a 10% increase over last year.It is predicted that,The value of goods returned after the holiday may reachBetween $112 billion and $114 billion, including about $43 billion to $45 billion in e-commerce orders.


Although the peak season has passed, the epidemic situation is repeated, and sellers should pay more attention to the logistics dynamics.

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