More popular than WhatsApp! 80% of foreigners choose Facebook for shopping


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

adoptOnline shopping by Facebook and WhatsApp has become popular in the world. FinTech(FaaS) RapydA study was conducted in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil,In Mexico, there are80% of people choose to shop on Facebook, while the usage rate of WhatsApp is 39%. Although it is lower than Facebook, it is also popular in the country.


After Mexico, Argentina has73% of consumers chose to consume on Facebook, followed by Colombia and Argentina with 72% and 66% respectively.


aboutWhatsApp, 53% of Colombians shop on it, while 39% in Mexico; In addition, 59% of Brazilian consumers consume through Instagram, and 43% in Argentina.


Among Brazilians surveyed63% said they tried to shop through social networks; Mexicans and Colombians followed with 57% and 54% respectively; Argentines accounted for the least, 38 per cent.


Cross border sailing is more popular than WhatsApp! 80% of foreigners choose Facebook for shopping


It is worth noting that for shopping through social networks,A purchase study by Facebook found that the preferred way for Mexican and Colombian consumers to purchase is bank transfer. In Brazil, credit card payments account for the majority. At the same time, in Argentina, the bank transfer and payment of convenience stores occupied the first place. Although PayPal is not the most widely used in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, it also ranks second, with a high frequency of use.


stayMeta's flagship social network has a variety of e-commerce tools, according to statisticsMarketPlaceIs the most popular. andShops and Live ShoppingOther resources are also common tools for businesses. They hope to use this platform to show more products to different audiences.


And in the era of increasingly developed social networks, more and more consumers will unconsciously consume when browsing and using social software, and will also specifically use social software to find shopping inspiration. Therefore, the social network platform also invests more and more in the shopping and consumption sector, making it more convenient for businesses and consumers to use.


In the short term, the status of social networks has risen or fallen. Therefore, the seller enterprises can take the social platform as a key reference when laying out and formulating marketing strategies to improve the exposure and popularity of the store, so as to increase sales.

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