Meiya Station released new rules, and a large number of seller's product links were deleted


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

When browsing the Amazon official forum, the editor noticed that Amazon America Station released new regulations on submitting compliance documents for dietary supplements on January 11.

The cross-border Meiya Station released new regulations, and a large number of sellers' product links were deleted

Amazon said in the announcement: "The sales of dietary supplements in the United States need to submit compliance documents. Since January 10, 2022, we have modified the way you submit compliance documents for dietary supplements in U.S. stores."

Dietary supplement sellers can view ASINS and SKU , and then select Request Approval. You can also submit documents by searching for products in Add Products on the Inventory menu and selecting Apply for Sale.

Influenced by the policy, a large number of sellers of this type have reported that their product links have been deleted recently. The seller "sell4more" said: Amazon has deleted a large number of dietary supplement products, including some of its best-selling products on Amazon. In addition, "sell4more" indicates that it has not received the notification that compliance documents are required for this category of products.A lot of seller's product links were deleted after the new rules were released at Meiya Station

The moderator of Amazon Forum said under the post: "As we shared on November 1, 2021, as part of our continuous efforts to provide the best customer experience, we have implemented additional approval requirements for sex enhancement and weight management supplements. Since January 10, 2022, we are not allowed to release products that do not meet the requirements of this product file."


Some sellers believe that it is correct to strictly manage Amazon's products of this category. Because there are many dietary supplement products on Amazon, and most of these supplements are either lower than the relevant requirements of supplements or useless. It is a good thing for consumers to remove these unqualified supplement products.


Some sellers believe that Amazon's move has caused them some economic losses. Because Amazon directly deleted their product links without giving advance notice, and some sellers did not recover their product links after submitting compliance documents, their business was greatly adversely affected.


In short, Amazon has decided to strictly manage its dietary supplement products. Sellers for such purposes must timely self check and upload relevant compliance documents according to Amazon's requirements to avoid the impact on their subsequent operations.

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