The increase of online sales during holidays is caused by the rise of prices!


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

According to the report data of many institutions, the growth of online sales during the holiday season in the United States is caused by the rise in prices.


according toAdobeThe holiday expense report released recently shows thatU.S.AConsumers inIn the holiday season of 2021on-lineTotal expenditure isUS $204.5 billion, up 8.6% year on year. meanwhile,Americans inThe whole year of 2021ofRecord online spendingUS $855 billion, up 9% year on year.


However, withcorresponding period of last yearcomparison,U.S.ANovember andOnline in DecembercommodityPricepartUp3.5% and3.1%。stayIn December, clothing isOnline goods with the highest price rise, year-on-year growth16.6%。


AdobeofholidayshoppingQuarterly data display,stayBetween November 1 and December 31, 2021, American consumers have38 daysOn the line ofExpenditures exceedUS $3 billion (25 days in 2020)becauseThe peak season starts earlier this year, andConsumers in One.comAnd Black Fiveetc.Dates other than traditional shopping festivalsStart shopping.


Where, inThanksgivingPrevious online salesYear on year growth19.2%, while online week (5 days between Thanksgiving Day and online Monday)'s online salesYear on year decrease1.4%。 Subsequent weeks (November 30 to December 31)'s online salesYear on year growth5.6%。


AdobeThe report also found that during the holidays, there was a serious shortage of goods in the United States, and the overall discounts and discounts were low.


During the holidays, consumers saw more than6 billion out of stock information. This is more thanPre epidemicHolidays increased by 253% in 2019,AndCompared with the same period in 2020,increaseHas10%。 AdobeInvestigativeMain categoriesduring holidays's discount is weak.such asThe average price reduction of electronic products is8%, compared with 21% in 2020.


it happens that there is a similar case,Salesforce's holiday report gives similar results.


Salesforce reported that during the peak holiday season, online sales in the United States and the world increased by 9% and 5% respectively, but at the same time, the average number of available SKUs in the United States and the world decreased by 2%, and the number of global online orders decreased by 4%. The average price of global online goods in 2021 is two percentage points lower than that in 2020 during the holiday period.


Among the online products in November and December,The three product categories with the best growth performance are luxury handbags+45%Home furniture+34%And ordinary footwear+32%)。

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