Frequent clothing issues and recall of Chinese made products


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

Recall incidents occur frequently and involve a variety of product categories, with toys and clothing being the hardest hit areas. Among the recalled products, many are sold on the Amazon platform. Recently, a children's pajama has been recalled.


The children's pajamas recalled this time are fromMade of 100% micro polyester fabric, available in sizes from 3T to 12, with distinctive colors, including 22 color tie dyed and rainbow colors. The pajamas also come with sewn side seam straps and internal buttons, and side seam labels indicate clothing size.


Frequent issues with overseas information clothing, and recall of Chinese made products

(Image sourceCPSC


The style is also very distinctive, and some pajamas also have hoodies with unicorn decorative features, such as mane, ears, and horns. The label at the back includes fiber content, washing instructions, andThe words' Made in China '.


This pajama is sold on the Amazon platform,Sold onFrom January 2021 to May 2021, the price is approximately $30, and this recall involves approximately 3500 items.


The reason for being recalled is also a common issue in the children's clothing category, which is because of this productNot meeting the flammability standards for children's pajamas poses a risk of burns for children,At present, no accident report has been received.


According to the recommendations of the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States, consumers should immediately stop using, and sellers will also communicate with consumers through Amazon's messaging platform and provide prepaid emails to return the product and receive a full refund.


Being recalled due to non-compliance with flammability standards is a common issue in children's clothing, which has been the cause of many previous recall cases,SHEIN has also been recalled approximately 2000 children's pajamas as a result. In the eyes of many buyers, the likelihood of children being at risk of burns due to clothing issues during normal use is low. However, since there are requirements in the clothing category standards, sellers still need to remember to follow and inspect themselves.


Child safety has always been highly valued abroad, and some product issues may seem insignificant, but placing them on children may be a major safety hazard. Relevant sellers need to strictly control product quality.

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