In 2022, Amazon will equip all professional sellers with performance consultants


Author:Yu Xiaoying
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Recently, Amazon announced that,In 2022, the "Call me now" feature on the Amazon Seller Center account health page will cover all professional sellers.This feature is available onLaunched in 2021, only targeting some sellers at that time.


In 2022, Amazon will equip all professional sellers with performance consultants on e-commerce platforms

We all know that selling on Amazon means following Amazon's rules.


Amazon has created aThe "Account Health" page displays the six most important indicators that sellers need to pay attention to, including order defect rate, cancellation rate, late delivery rate, effective tracking rate, on time delivery rate, and return dissatisfaction rate.


To continue selling on Amazon, various thresholds need to be met. If they continue to fall below these values, Amazon may issue warnings and suspend accounts. If they continue to improve, they may be closed down.


However, in many cases, the seller's account is abnormal, and communication via email often appears to be inefficient, which has become a point of roast for the seller. And this new feature allows sellers to contact the account health team in a timely manner and engage in two-way communication, thereby resolving account health issues faster.


It is reported that sellers can make purchases in the morning of Pacific time6: Call the account health team from 00 to 6:00 pm. However, it should be noted that if there are other issues with the seller's account, such as inventory issues, FBA issues, brand registration or catalog issues, etc., they can still only seek other commonly used methods of communication.


However, according to the feedback on the seller forum, some sellers are not optimistic about this feature. Some sellers have stated that they made a phone call, but no one answered. In addition, although Amazon emphasized in the announcement thatThe team has been trained to answer sellers' questions about policies and performance indicators on the account health page, but some sellers still point out that Amazon employees who answer the phone know less than themselves.


Additionally, employees who receive calls may implementThe "kick the ball" strategy may ultimately result in the seller making an empty trip. Another situation is that each time a phone call is made to a different person, the solution provided may also be different, and the seller may become confused.


But the editor believes that withSellers may want to give it a try, as it may help protect their accounts.

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