The mentality of European and American consumers has changed, and e-commerce sellers need to pay more attention to product sustainability


Author:Liu Mengyuan
Source: ennews

It is understood that nearly 30% of European and American consumers have "highly participated" in creatingContinuous lifestyle and turn it into their buying habits. 67% of consumers will check the sustainability of the brand before buying. In addition, 73% of global consumers also said they would change their consumption habits to reduce the impact on the environment.


At the same time, consumers' concern about the environment is also affecting their purchase behavior, so e-commerce sellers need to adapt to this change in consumers' mentality to obtain more orders. In addition to the sustainability of the product itself, e-commerce sellers can also gain the favor of consumers through the following two aspects.


First, e-commerce sellers canBy packagingDevelop a more sustainable development strategyData display,two thousand and nineteenIn, the global e-commerce industry used about 2.1 billion pounds of plastic packaging,The top three countries that use the most are the United States, Chinabritain


What is more worrying is that many e-commerce sellers will use excessive packaging in order to ensure the transportation of products is intact. It is understood that in 2019, e-commerce will use 10 times more packaging than physical stores. At present, some e-commerce enterprises have begun to adopt environmentally friendly options, such as using recyclable bags or reducing the size of packages.


Secondly, providing consumers with sustainable delivery will also increase their recognition of brands and products and buy back rate. For example, 27% of green gas emissions in the UK are caused by transport. However, in the past few years, environmental technologies such as UAVs and delivery robots have been touted as future solutions for the "last mile" distribution of e-commerce packages.


Due to the epidemic, e-commerce business has grown rapidly in recent two years. It is estimated that by 2030, e-commerce delivery will increase by 78%. Therefore, e-commerce sellers need to show consumers how their products and services become more sustainable to seek more orders.

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