One order received 8.1 billion! The annual black horse is popular in Amazon


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For most sellers, getting rich is an accident, which needs an opportunity. However, when current events suddenly break out, the chance is greatly increased. Amazon sold a lot of Jiu'an Medical, which became popular under the epidemic. Its related products often dominated the list of Amazon Best Sellers, and recently signed an order of 8.1 billion yuan.


Won 8.1 billion orders, and Jiu'an Medical became popular with Amazon


Recently,Tianjin Jiu'an Medical Electronics Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as:Jiu'an Medical)Announce thatThe subsidiary iHealth Labs. Inc and ACC signed a procurement contract on January 13, 2022 in the United States.Contract content display,Jiu'an Medical sold iHealth kit products to American ACC (American Army Contract Management Command), of which the total amount of contract price and tax was 1.275 billion dollars (including freight), about 8.1 billion yuan.


In fact, Jiu'an Medical has signed a contract worth 2 billion yuan earlier, and now it has won a large order, which is undoubtedly a joy. It is understood that,The income generated by this order has exceeded 50% of the audited main business income of Jiu'an Medical in 2020 (RMB 1.004 billion).


Not only Jiu'an Medical, but also a big sellerSuperstar TechnologyThe income of epidemic prevention materials from January to June 2021 should not be underestimated. Its operating income was 4.45 billion yuan, and its net profit was 728 million yuan, of which the main business income of epidemic prevention materials increased by more than 50% year on year, exceeding the target set at the beginning of the year.


One order of cross-border e-commerce logistics received 8.1 billion yuan! The annual black horse is popular in Amazon


In addition, Dongfang Biological also recently released a forecast, saying that thanks to the COVID-19, the sales performance of the company's products in the European market continued to rise. It is expected thatThe net profit in 2021 will be between 4.72 billion yuan and 5.12 billion yuan, an increase of 181.45% to 205.31% compared with the same period last year.


A number of medical products have achieved great success, which is closely related to the current epidemic in the United States. Especially those in short supply in the United StatesCOVID-19 Test KitAmerican officials have also repeatedly announced the purchase of reagent kits, saying that they would provide free COVID-19 test kits for the American people.At present, the official public data is 1 billion, and there is no ceiling, which indicates that there are many possibilities in the future COVID-19 test kit market.


Jiu'an Medical mainly focuses on research and development, production and sales of medical supplies such as thermometers and sphygmomanometers, and these products often dominate the Amazon BSR list. In addition, Jiu'an Medical has set up a number of overseas subsidiaries with its own brand iHealth, which are distributed in the United States, Europe and other places.Among them, American iHealth products are mainly sold on its own platform and Amazon.


In terms of revenue, the annual operating revenue of Jiu'an Medical in 2020 is 2.008 billion yuan, with a net profit of 242 million yuan. Both its revenue and net profit have grown significantly. By contrast, this order of 8.1 billion yuan is equivalent to the 4-year revenue of Jiu'an Medical, which really makes many sellers envious.


But in the first half of 2021, the operating revenue of its own brand iHealth is still worrying. Relevant data shows that the operating income of iHealth under Jiu'an Medical is 200 million yuan, and the company's net loss is close to 80 million yuan. This situation will start to reverse in the second half of 2021. The parent company Jiu'an Medical shares will soar, increasing more than 10 times in half a year.


For Jiu'an Medical, the main contributor to its high performance and high orders must be its own brand iHealth and its products that often occupy the Amazon BSR list.


Many products are at the top of the BSR list, and iHealth is hot on Amazon


As a brand of Jiu'an Medical, iHealth sellsFrontal thermometer, blood pressure meter, blood glucose meterAnd other medical products,allIt is a "regular customer" on Amazon's BSR list of various categories.


Data display,In July 2020, the sales of the thermometers sold by iHealth were very outstanding on Amazon, with the daily sales once reaching 20502 sets.Until today, the demand of overseas consumers for the Ewen gun products has not decreased,The iHealth brand remains at the top of the BSR list of baby thermometric products.


The operation mode of iHealth in the Jiu'an medical system is that the parent company in Tianjin sells to overseas subsidiaries, and then the overseas subsidiaries are responsible for the sales in various overseas regions. For example, iHealth America is responsible for the sales and promotion of products in the Americas, while iHealth Europe is responsible for the sales and promotion of European, African and Middle East markets


There is no doubt that the epidemic has promoted the development of iHealth. Today's iHealth is taking a rocketlikeThe speed of advance, all the data are the same as beforeThe growth is obviousAs the parent company of iHealth,Shares of Jiu'an MedicalSince the second half of 2021thenIt took only about half a year to rise all the way, and the increase has exceeded ten times.


One order at sea earned 8.1 billion yuan! The annual black horse is popular in Amazon


Jiu'an Medical has a strong momentum, and its future planning and development has attracted the attention of insiders. It is reported that on January 17, 2022, an investor asked“Whether iHealth, your subsidiary in the United States, is likely to be listed in the United States in the future”, for which,Jiu'an Medical said that at present, the company's American subsidiary, iHealth, has no plans to go public in the United States


In the first half of last year, the revenue of iHealth was only 200 million yuan, but now a single order has reached 8.1 billion yuan. The data growth of dozens of times has amazed and envied many people in the industry, and again many sellers have paid attention to the vent of medical products.


In fact, since the beginning of 2020, the Amazon platformupperRespirator and protective clothingThe sales volume of protective related products such as medical masks surged, among which the daily sales volume of medical masks once exceeded 8500, with a price increase of 583%. Data shows that on the Amazon platform, the price of a best-selling pack of 40 KN95 masks rose from $26.99 in December last year to $75.99 in January this year.


The overseas epidemic continues to spread, and the infection data is rising. Although the price of such products rises again and again, the sales volume has also been rising. The word "mask" has been searched by Google worldwide on a monthly basisonceMore than one million.


In addition, many overseas countries, including Spain, France and Italy, have resumed the mask orders, which is one of the main reasons for the "rush to buy masks". It is worth mentioning that the Indian epidemic has fought back again,thisAt the beginning of the year, masks on various e-commerce platforms in India were snapped up by the public, and local people hoarded a large number of goods, and the sales of N95 masks soared five times.


Some insiders said that although it seems that the heat of some epidemic prevention products is not as high as that at the beginning of the outbreak, products including masks, protective clothing and thermometers are still areas that sellers can try.


The demand of overseas consumers for medical protective articles and the emergence of the "home economy" have brought different ideas for cross-border sellers to choose products. In the face of this vent, sellers should make corresponding preparations in advance. Many cross-border platforms have requirements for the entry or sales qualification of medical protective articles. Sellers should pay more attention to product sources, qualifications and other relevant information.

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