From the perspective of consumers, the retail marketing trend to be considered in 2022


Author:Liu Mengyuan
Source: ennews

Recently, Harmony Murphy, general manager of advertising in the UK of eBay, shared three retail marketing trends that each brand seller needs to consider in the next year.


oneE-commerce experience surpasses transaction

Gone are the days when e-commerce was just selling products online. In today's fast-paced, always online world, consumers want simple, relevant, and engaging shopping experiences no matter what channel they use.


Harmony MurphyHe said that the brands that will stand out this year will be those that optimize their omni channel strategy. From creating personalized, high-quality and intuitive shopping experiences to emphasizing interpersonal relationships and communities, this will help them simplify physical and online shopping and add value to customers' lives.


twoAuthenticity and brand value become critical

In the past few years, value driven consumerism has been growing steadily. Today's value driven consumers are actively buying from brands that conform to their social and ethical principles (think of retailers that use only sustainable fabrics or cosmetics companies that use no chemicals).


This is an area that can no longer be ignored. For example, as shoppers pay more attention to the carbon footprint of their online shopping, retailers need to consider how to focus on their sustainable development certificates. From their products and transportation to the entire brand, doing this correctly and effectively is crucial to building brand trust and loyalty in the coming year.


threeFirst party data becomes preferred


In the coming months, retailers will have to innovate and find new ways to use the first party customer data to create a seamless and intuitive shopping experience for their customers on a large scale. To be truly successful in this area, they need to be transparent about how to use customer data to improve the shopping experience. This not only shows respect for them, but also builds trust, which in turn improves conversion rates and customer retention.


As the epidemic continues to affect consumers' preferences and their shopping habits continue to change. Obviously, 2022 will be another year, and brands must be prepared to cope with the changing environment and adjust strategies to maintain relevance when necessary.

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