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Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

Last year, e-commerce markets in all countries witnessed a prosperous development. As a small country in Europe, the Netherlands also witnessed significant growth. LocalAlbert Heijn and are representatives.


Bol. Com is the main local e-commerce platform, and its online market is also soaring, attracting more and more local sellers,Third party sellers have accounted for all sales of the platform60%, the number of sellers more than doubled in two years, from 20000 to nearly 50000.


Recently, launched a French language website in Belgium, targeting French speaking users in Brussels and Walloon.Through this new website, they can use their own language to access all products on the platform, from electronic products to health and home products.


In 2020, bol Com has launched a French language application, which has been downloaded more than 200000 times so far. According to the company's data, about half of French speaking customers mainly visit Dutch websites, which is why it decided to launch a completely French website., more and more retailers have started to join the e-commerce sales model.


Albert Heijn is a famous local supermarket chain. Now it adopts two sales modes, online and offlineMarket share has changed from35% in 2020 to 35.9%。 In addition to acquisitionsIn addition to the 38 outlets of Deen chain stores, it also benefits from its online success. E-commerce currently accounts for 10% of the total sales.


Albert Heijn's applications last yearOn of every monthUsers grow to more than3 millionIts flash delivery services are also growing,2021alreadystay50 cities became active. In the autumn of 2021, the company also launched an annual fixed amount of omni channel subscriptionservice, can provide customers with more discounts. More than300 thousandnameusersubscribe.


Not only focus on the local market,Albert HeijnSales in Belgium also exceeded1 billion euros.last yearAlbert Heijnin totalNewHas76 stores, andAlso right62 have been renovatedThe store network in Belgium has grown to65 stores, increasing the company's turnover in Belgium to more than 1 billion euros.


Although it is far inferior to the big markets such as the UK and Germany, Dutch e-commerce is also on the rise, and interested sellers can also pay more attention to local developments.

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