Vietnam's online retail will reach 39 billion US dollars, which attract consumers' attention


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

According to the report, Vietnam's online retail scale has grown steadily in the past five years.In 2016, Vietnam's online retail scale was only US $5 billion. By 2019, this number has doubled to about 10 billion US dollars. In 2021, Vietnam's online retail scale will reach 13 billion US dollars. The report cited data from Statista,reachIn 2025, Vietnam's online retail scale will reach 39 billion US dollars.


stayIn 2020, Vietnam's online consumers will be about 49.3 million, with an annual per capita consumption of about US $240 (an increase of 42% over 2016). In the first half of 2021, there will be 8 million new online consumers, 55% of whom will come from non urban areas.


58% of Vietnamese consumers think they will continue to buy groceries on e-commerce platforms, and 53% of them say online grocery shopping has become the norm.


As for which platform to choose when shopping, consumers mainly consider the following factors:Reputation of e-commerce websites and applications(70%), multi promotion activities (41%), transportation policies in favor of consumers (40%), low prices (39%), diversified commodities (34%), good commodity quality (34%), easy order tracking (26%), convenient website and application access (21%), good customer service (20%), and live shopping (8%).


The scale of online retail going to Vietnam will reach 39 billion US dollars, which attract consumers' attention

And inLazadaOn the platform,The most searched categories in 2021 are:Clothing, personal care, interior decoration, food (such as breakfast cereal), garden supplies, kitchen supplies, games and puzzles, medical supplies, food supplements, school and office supplies.


In addition, in order to maintain the opportunity of online sales growth, sellers can also consider the following trend forecasts:


The first is the rise of social commerce. Sellers can use highly interactive content sales methods to directly communicate with consumers, such as live broadcast, virtual store experience, shopping and entertainment activities, which will help promote sales.


In addition, user generated content will be more powerful than ever. With the rise of many highly participatory social media platforms and the trend of leaving comments, users can share more brand or product related content/Comments will help sell.

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