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Introduction:Talk about the inspiration that short videos bring to Internet entertainment products. As an entertainment product, what is the secret of continuous growth of users?

The short video is on fire, and the fire is still going on, which is not a new topic. From various articles and information on the Internet, we can see why it is popular. The key words include: rural surrounding cities, youth trend spreading, machine learning, traffic distribution mechanism, etc. However, today we want to talk about the short video tointernetWhat inspiration does the entertainment product bring? As an entertainment product, what is the secret of the continuous growth of users?

Cross border information iResearch: short video wild lily also has spring

First of all: put aside class and label, and treat equally.

quite a lotadvertisementOr we can see in the report that we have attached too many labels to the post-90s, post-00s, Kwai and Tiktok. Indeed, labels can make others quickly recognize some people or some products. However, labels, like media stars, are the effect of some characteristics being magnified, and cannot represent the characteristics of most groups or products.

For example, when many people mention Kwai, YingkeYYSuch entertainment platforms cannot be separated from the words "low", "bottom" and other class words. However, the population distribution of these products exactly matches the national population distribution. It cannot be said that most of the third, fourth and fifth tier cities covered by these products are labeled "Low". It should be known that users of these short video/live broadcast products are the mainstream group in China, while users in the first and second tier cities who cannot understand these products are the non mainstream users with a relatively low population.

In addition, many post-95s and post-00s have been labeled as "personality", "ego", "anime", etc. In fact, in many interviews with post-95s, they do not "see the mood" as we imagine, but are very rational and clear to analyze something and objectively express their views. Compared with the post-80s and post-90s youth, the post-95s and post-00s will be more rational to express their feelings and ideas.

 Cross border e-commerce iResearch: the wild lily of short video also has spring

In the final analysis, Internet entertainment products are designed to meet the exciting needs of most people rather than the personalized needs of a few. The premise of exploring the real needs is to put aside the class concept, abandon those so-called labels, and treat every city and every identity of users equally.

The equality here also includes the choice of fairness and justice in traffic distribution. If the real scarce resource in a short video application is user traffic, in other words, the first three screens are naturally important entrances to traffic. Short video user traffic is a typical zero sum game where you have and I do not have.

Some live broadcast/short video platforms will choose to set "hot", mainly focusing on OGC/PGC with a high flow and a large number of fans, resulting in a significant 2/8 principle - 20% of the uploaders bring 80% of the traffic. In the short term, some amazing data can be seen, but it also occupies the flow space of new uploaders, which makes the uploaders lack the motivation to upload continuously when there are no fans in the early stage. This is a fair allocation method. If it meets the rules, it will be popular (the rules may include likes, fans, exposure, etc.)

Correspondingly, Kwai uses personalized recommendation to recommend video features to its corresponding users on the first screen. Maybe the exposure of fans will increase the recommendation probability of uploaders with large fans, or it may be to punish those who receive WeChat ads. Kwai will partially block the videos of some old uploaders, but the result is that it has reserved room for new uploaders to rise. Apart from some self packaged uploaders such as Tianyou (some of whom will be famous locally), it is difficult for you to recall a leaderboard or several well-known uploaders on the Kwai platform. This is a fair method of distribution, giving new entrants a chance.

Second: Minimal design, winning with details, not settling

The change in the information age has caused people's attention to be distributed to the Internet, and has also led to the acceleration of the pace of modern life. As we are flooded with various network information every day, we have less patience with life and decision-making. The minimalism of Internet product design is not only an attitude, but also a game product with more and more active products and more and more passive users. Especially in short video/live broadcast and other entertainment applications, the original motivation of users is more entertainment/decompression. Translated into Chinese, it means "don't want to use your head to get happiness", and even choosing the content you prefer when starting up will reduce the entertainment "happiness value". On the other hand, users who have been constantly promoted by the Internet for many years have a demand for ease of use of the product. Too much operation interface and function design will only make users feel afraid and give up trying to use it. In addition, if the content is far away from life, it may only make users stay away from it. Therefore, we will find that more and more entertainment products begin to weaken the role of navigation/classification, and instead adopt waterfall or roaming entertainment, which truly enables users to "look around" and unconsciously spend 2 hours on it.

Cross border e-commerce platform iResearch: the wild lily of short video also has springScreenshot of function module of Kwai and Tiktok

 E-commerce platform iResearch: short video field lily also has spring

However, minimalism does not mean monotony. The principle of minimalism is to solve the core demands perfectly, and the marginal demands can be cut, but not at all. We still take short videos as an example. On the one hand, the content of short videos keeps flowing because more and more viewers become uploaders, and on the other hand, the upload function of short videos is becoming more and more sophisticated, which makes high-quality videos more and more, forming a virtuous circle. The authenticity of Kwai and Tiktok uploaders makes users feel that the threshold is not so high, and they can upload by themselves. The wonderful content will also make users curious and happy, and they can't help trying. Among them, music and visual effects are the core, and there are dozens of music choices and props focusing on these two types of needs, and they are still being updated. However, there is no label classification for videos that belong to the category of cute pet, food, tourism, and so on, which can be described as the core of perfection.

Finally: Realistic understanding of users - sub non fish, knowing the joy of fish

What we want to say here is that the product will eventually return to users. Don't add too much personal subjective judgment and let the data speak, because we really don't know users. In product operation, new customers, active customers and retained customers must be the three indicators we use most. In addition to these indicators, what else should we pay attention to? For interactive products such as short video/live broadcast/games, the user's motivation for use cannot be separated from the word "entertainment". Therefore, in product operation, the user's sense of pleasure is a crucial indicator. For pleasure indicators, they can be likes, collections, comments and interactions. The final indicators must be reflected through user research and data changes.

In the survey of short video users, we found that different groups have different definitions of entertainment. For users in first tier cities and new first tier cities, the purpose of entertainment is to reduce pressure and feel fresh. Second tier cities are not as stressed as first tier cities. Short video is only a supplement to many entertainment methods. However, in third to fifth tier cities, daily entertainment methods are relatively scarce, and Kwai, second shot and other products are more suitable for life, It is more likely to cause word of mouth communication. For them, it is just entertainment after work and conversation after dinner.

E-commerce platform iResearch: short video field lily also has spring

From agriculture to industry to information and artificial intelligence, we have to say that we caught up with the information revolution in time and became the leader of the Internet. In foreign countries, WeChat and QQ chat are very common, and we don't need to go abroad directly with cashAlipay/WeChat is all right. More and more of our products have occupied the international market. In the wave revolution of the Internet, it is the result of the two-way growth and mutual game between enterprises and users. In this era of pursuing plain face and returning to reality, users have fully demonstrated their most authentic ideas and choices. We should go out of the enterprise gate at the right time, go into users to perceive users' changes, excavate users' real needs, and then optimize the model and experience in time after time data practice.

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