30% growth! 2021 US beauty industry revenue reaches 22 billion US dollars


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

according toInvestigation organizationAccording to NPD, the US beauty industry will create a sales volume of 22 billion US dollars in 2021, an increase of 30% over 2020. Perfume sales increased by 49% year on year, surpassing all other productsThe second isHair productsincreaseHas47%NextCosmeticsandskin care productsRespectively increased23%as well as18%


In terms of fragrance products,Perfume, colognes and other scentsproductofsales volumeYear on year growth61%, whileAromatherapyCandlesEssential oilAnd other household incenseTaste productsofsales volumeincreaseHasMore than 20%.The sales of fragrance products in the fourth quarter accounted for45%This is largely due to holiday sales.


In addition,stayHair productsIn terms of hair gel and haircream, mousseetc.Other modeling productsThe growth will resume in 2021sales volumethanIt will increase by 45% in 2020. NPD predicts that by 2022, styling products will increase by another 15%. NPDAnother report from,As people continue to return to more social activities in the coming months or years, this growth will continue until2024.


When consumers show their best appearance to re-enter the societysituationNext, foundation make-uppre-makeupandhaveThe sales of facial cosmetics such as color moisturizing cream increased by double digits, and the sales of makeup spray and makeup remover also increased by double digits.


The cosmetics category benefited from the return of consumers' interest in cosmeticsPopular on YouTube videos and other social mediaCream, powder blusher and other products have also increased.Attention requiredYes, by makeup artist andInternet celebrityRevenues of established brands in all cosmetics brandslead


As for skin care,AndCompared with 2020, the core skin care products including facial cleanser, face cream and essencesales volumeIncreased15% to 24%.


Larissa Jensen, consultant of NPD beauty industryexpress,The beauty industry is instilling confidence and changing peopleimageAspects are unique.This makes the beauty industryIn the mind of consumersbe inimportantStatus.Beauty product marketFacing obstacles in 2020, but in 2021It has regained its vitality.

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