IResearch: The development of mobile e-sports is becoming increasingly mature, which will help its future development in many ways


Author:Yin Feng
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Introduction:At present, the market development of mobile E-sports has become increasingly mature. According to the data of the 2018 China Mobile E-sports Industry Report of iResearch, the market size of mobile E-sports in 2018 has reached 45.6 billion yuan.

Prerequisite background:

On December 21, Feng Shixin, Deputy Director of the Publishing Bureau of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, said at the 2018 annual meeting of China's game industry that the first batch of games submitted for approval had been reviewed, and the version number was being issued as soon as possible. This gives the whole gamemarketIt brings good news, and the mobile e-sports industry, which is closely connected with the game industry, will also benefit from it. At present, the market development of mobile E-sports has become increasingly mature, according toIResearch Consulting2018China MobileAccording to the data in the E-sports Industry Report, the mobile E-sports market has reached 45.6 billion yuan in 2018. What factors support such a huge number and can support its sustainable development?

Cross border e-commerce iResearch: the development of mobile e-commerce is becoming increasingly mature, and various parties help its future development

The increasingly mature ecological value of the event is gradually demonstrated

At present, mobile e-sports events have become increasingly mature. By constantly absorbing and learning the advanced system of traditional sports events, mobile e-sports events can improve the professionalism of the event and provideCommercializationLay a better foundation.

Taking the MOBA game "Glory of the King" as an example, KPL Professional League, which has a strong user base and fans' attention, has learned from the advanced systems of traditional sports event systems such as the NBA, including the promotion and demotion system, player salary system, and player image system. Now it can be seen that the radiation crowd is no less than some traditional sports events.

The mature development of mobile e-sports events is not only reflected in the improvement of the professionalism of the event, but also in the diversification of the form of the event - in addition to the first party mobile e-sports events led by various manufacturers, there are a large number of third-party e-sports events as a supplement to the market, such as city competitions, national competitions, etc; The globalization of mobile e-sports can also reflect the maturity of mobile e-sports events - domestic leading mobile e-sports events have begun to expand overseas, with a view to expanding broader market space and creating mobile e-sports events in the international scope.

With the growing maturity of mobile e-sports events, the commercial value of mobile e-sports is also gradually showing. More and more traditional sponsors have entered the event, and the commercial value of mobile e-sports has gradually been recognized; On the other hand, we also see that high-quality commercial real estate actively accepts and helps the construction and development of offline venues. The construction of offline entertainment business circle of mobile e-sports, which is attached to offline venues, reflects the improvement of commercial value of mobile e-sports. IResearch Consulting believes that mobile e-sports events, clubs and ecological development are the main factors that can promote the overall development of mobile e-sports for a long time. They have not been fully explored and have high development potential.

Passing on Positive and Positive Sports Spirit -- The Development Goal of Mobile E-sports

As mobile e-sports are more and more in-depth in our lives, we believe that the concept of mobile e-sports needs to be guided correctly. The positive and positive sports spirit of mobile e-sports is reflected in the international e-sports events with high attention: the 18 Jakarta Asian Games proved that mobile e-sports has been recognized by the highest level sports events; In addition, it incorporates the sense of confrontation between the country and the nation. The Arena of Valor (Glory of the King International Edition) is the pride of all Chinese E-sports people with a sincere heart. We also believe that in the future, mobile e-sports can become a widely accepted entertainment lifestyle like traditional sports.

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