Airy Marketing Tracking: Does China's marketing cloud platform meet the sea organically?


Author:Jiao Yujia
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Introduction:Enterprises cannot go to sea without marketing. Apart from advertising agencies, there are also marketing cloud platforms that use cloud computing to provide overseas marketing services. Individual marketing cloud enterprises also choose to go to sea at this opportunity. At present, the development of domestic marketing cloud is still in the embryonic stage of exploration. Why do some marketing cloud enterprises choose to go abroad? What are the opportunities for marketing cloud enterprises to go to sea?

In March, YouTube established cooperation with onesight, a Chinese marketing cloud enterprise, to help Chinese enterprises complete the voyage. According to GIII statistics, China currently providescloud computingMore than 300 enterprises have served, and with the promotion of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, many domestic enterprises such as games, tourism, e-commerce and so on have gone to the sea. Cloud computing enterprises such as Alibaba CloudtencentCloud and others also take this opportunity to go abroad to provide enterprises with a wider range of services. Marketing is indispensable for enterprises to go to sea, except foradvertisementIn addition to agents, there is a marketing cloud platform using cloud computing, and individual marketing cloud enterprises also choose to go overseas. At present, the development of domestic marketing cloud is still in the embryonic stage of exploration. Why do some marketing cloud enterprises choose to go abroad? What are the opportunities for marketing cloud enterprises to go to sea?

IDomestic marketing cloud enterprises are at an early stage of development, lagging behind foreign markets

Cross border e-commerce logistics iResearch marketing tracking: does China's marketing cloud platform meet the sea organically?

In the late 1990s, enterprise level cloud services appeared in the United States. With the mature development of data mining, cloud computing and other technologies, cloud services have gradually begun to be applied in the marketing field in recent years. In 2012, Adobe released Adobe marketing cloud for the first time, officially opening the marketing cloud era. Marketing cloud refers to a cloud platform that provides marketing services for enterprises in the form of cloud services based on SaaS technology and across devices and platforms. At present, the marketing cloud has developed into a very important part of the marketing technology ecology, which helps enterprises improve marketing effects and efficiency through the empowerment of various marketing scenarios and links. According to the data of chiefmartech, in 2019, the number of global marketing technology ecological enterprises has reached 7040.

Compared with the overseas marketing cloud market, the development of China's marketing cloud market is still in its infancy. Whether in terms of overall development scale or business development model, there is a certain lag. The marketing cloud platform itself is facing operational difficulties and even challenges of survival. The scale of overseas marketing cloud market is mature, and there is a complete development mechanism for domestic marketing cloud enterprises to learn. IResearch believes that it may be one of the solutions for China's local marketing cloud enterprises to turn to overseas markets.

2、 How likely is it for Chinese marketing cloud enterprises to go to sea?

1、Demand side: Chinese enterprises have constant demand for overseas marketing, and the marketing cloud platform follows the trend

In recent years, with the favorable policy of China's "the Belt and Road Initiative", many enterprises, especially those in games, tourism, e-commerce and other industries, have tried to open up a new world in the sea, and the government has also given relevant preferential policies to support enterprises to go to sea. Plus domesticinternetThe demographic dividend has gradually disappeared, and the competition in the domestic Internet marketing market has become increasingly fierce. Many enterprises hope to obtain new traffic and economic growth points from overseas markets. In the opinion of iResearch, the ultimate purpose of enterprises going to sea is to expand their own business and obtain benefit growth points. However, due to the differences in environment, culture and law between overseas market and domestic market, how to make decisions before going to sea? What kind of media platform will you choose during the voyage? What effect can be achieved after going to sea? These problems are faced by enterprises engaged in overseas marketing. In the face of the demand of domestic enterprises for going to sea, some domestic marketing cloud platforms focus on the exploration and layout of overseas markets. Aiming at solving problems such as complex decision-making and low efficiency in the process of enterprises going to sea, they go straight to the sea and follow the trend.

2、Supply side: supported by SaaS technology, marketing cloud can provide multi-dimensional marketing strategy services

Cross border information iResearch marketing tracking: does China's marketing cloud platform meet the sea organically?

The marketing cloud provides cross platform and cross device marketing services based on SaaS technology. In recent years, China's SaaS services have shown rapid growth in the world, becoming a force that cannot be ignored in the global SaaS market. According to the analysis of iResearch, the rise of China's cloud computing technology makes China an indispensable force in the global cloud service sector, and actively promotes the development of cloud computing global business, which brings technical possibilities for marketing cloud to the sea.

Cross border information iResearch marketing tracking: does China's marketing cloud platform meet the sea organically?

Specifically, the services provided by the marketing cloud connect the entire marketing process based on SaaS technology. With the accumulation and processing of overseas media release data and user data, it provides target customers with differentiated and personalized multi scenario marketing strategy services, including advertising, data analysis, customer relationship interaction and management, content experience, etc. By connecting overseas market resources and domestic target customers, the marketing cloud platform reduces the time spent by overseas enterprises in decision-making on marketing strategies, and also optimizes the marketing effect.

According to the analysis of iResearch, the continuous development of China's SaaS technology is committed to providing a more stable technical environment for the launch of the marketing cloud platform. On the one hand, the development of the overseas marketing cloud market is relatively mature, and the technology is slightly advanced. The marketing cloud platform that goes to sea can learn from this environment and quickly establish itself in the overseas environment. On the other hand, the development of local marketing cloud technology is more in line with the needs and marketing style of domestic enterprises going to sea, and can also better adapt to the cooperation mode of enterprises, reducing the loss of cooperation efficiency caused by "acclimatization".

IIIWhat should Chinese marketing cloud enterprises pay attention to when going to sea?

1、Vertical strategy: positioning itself for development, starting with refined business, and gradually expanding to comprehensive

 With the support of the national strategy, the growth of the enterprise's overseas marketing demand, and the better service ability of the local marketing cloud enterprises to the domestic enterprises, all indicate that there are certain opportunities for marketing cloud overseas. However, the marketing cloud enterprises going to sea are facing mature overseas markets, so they must clearly define their own development orientation. IResearch believes that the upstream of outbound marketing cloud enterprise services are Chinese enterprises with outbound demand, while the downstream is oriented to overseas related media or platform resources. Facing the overseas market, domestic marketing cloud enterprises should first develop their own businesses, customers and scenarios in a refined way. That is, business verticalization, customer verticalization and scenario verticalization. For example, vertical business helps Chinese enterprises provide suggestions on advertising strategies in overseas media resources. Customer vertical refers to domestic enterprises with overseas demand, and scene vertical refers to overseas markets. After the domestic marketing cloud enterprises have obtained a space for development in the overseas market, they can explore the comprehensive business, and the entire platform business can form a large-scale.

2、Market education: popularize the concept of marketing cloud for overseas enterprises

Compared with traditional advertising agencies, the marketing cloud platform provides enterprises with more integrated, faster and more efficient services. However, because marketing technology itself integrates data, complexity and variability, the industry concept is obscure and difficult to understand directly. As enterprise customers, these complex concepts aggravate their cognitive difficulties in this industry. Although enterprises encounter many difficulties in the process of going to sea, they have not formed the cognitive habit of seeking help and support from the marketing cloud platform. According to the analysis of iResearch, in the face of enterprises that need to go to sea, a professional marketing cloud platform should help enterprises understand the marketing cloud platform in a simplified and popular way, so as to choose the marketing cloud platform in the follow-up business and lay a foundation for the future development of the marketing cloud platform. And with the development of constantly improving cloud computing technology, marketing cloud platforms also need to constantly strengthen their own technology learning and improve products. Marketing cloud enterprises attach importance to technology and product development. First, they can accumulate a large number of customers in the future. Second, they can provide customers with more efficient product services.

3、Information security: strengthen self data protection and secure development in overseas markets

Information security is an environmental guarantee for the rapid development of cloud computing and other technologies. The United States put forward relevant laws and policies on information security protection in 2000, and attached great importance to information security. Whether information data is protected is one of the important considerations for enterprises to choose marketing cloud platforms. In the relatively complete and sound information environment overseas, Chinese marketing cloud enterprises should pay more attention to their own data protection and information security. The purpose is, first, to strengthen the security of their own information so as not to violate overseas laws and regulations. Second, we should reasonably and legally protect the information of domestic enterprises from infringement. The specific performance is as follows: First, pay attention to the security of data itself. Pay attention to the security of network and information environment from use to storage. Second, pay attention to the security of the platform. Customers transmit their own data on the marketing cloud platform. The platform should provide customers with a stable and secure data environment to prevent customer data from being damaged. Third, practitioners who attach importance to the marketing cloud platform should have training on data security related laws and regulations to improve the professional ethics and operation specifications of internal practitioners. According to the analysis of iResearch, the marketing cloud platform attaches importance to data security, fundamentally improving its own technology, not disclosing data to the outside world, and preventing external technologies from stealing customer data.

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