Afternoon News | Feizhu apologizes for the refund of Beijing Universal Express; Samsung mocks iPhone's new 120Hz high brush


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Introduction:Feizhu apologizes for the refund of Beijing Universal Express; Samsung mocks iPhone's new 120Hz high brush

Samsung mocks the iPhone 13Pro120Hz high brush

On September 15, Beijing time, Apple released the iPhone 13 series of mobile phones today. Among them, the iPhone 13 Pro supports 120Hz ProMotion technology, becoming one of the first Apple phones to support high refresh rates.

However, Samsung doesn't think much of Apple's selling point. In March 2020, Samsung took the lead in supporting a 120Hz refresh rate in the Galaxy S20 mobile phone. Samsung tweeted early this morning: "We have supported the 120Hz refresh rate for some time..."

: - 0 It's really unnecessary to pull and step like this.

ByteDance Tiktok response "suspected of stealingtencentRelationship chain: the rumor court has filed a case

September 14 News On the morning of September 13, at a press conference held by the Information Office of the State Council, Zhao Zhiguo, Director of the Information and Communication Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said, "Restricting the identification, parsing and normal access of website links without justified reasons has seriously affected the user experience, damaged the rights and interests of users, and disrupted the market order.". On the evening of the same day, some media reported that the "Tencent related responsible person" said that the reason why WeChat blocked Tiktok was that "ByteDance was suspected of stealing Tencent's relationship chain".

IT Home learned that on the evening of September 13, Tiktok issued a statement saying that "ByteDance is suspected of stealing Tencent's relationship chain" is a rumor, and the court has officially filed a case.

Tiktok said, "Tencent has spread similar rumors to the outside world many times, and we have filed a lawsuit with the Nanshan District Court of Shenzhen. On July 5, 2021, the court has officially filed a case. At present, the case is in the process of hearing.".

In response to this rumor, Tiktok said in its clarification statement: 1. Tiktok recommends friends mainly based on personal information authorized by users, and has nothing to do with Tencent; 2、 WeChat relationship chain is technically impossible to obtain unless WeChat actively provides it; 3、 The court decision also proved that Tiktok did not obtain the user's WeChat/QQ relationship chain.

: - 0 Endless head fight.

Feizhu responded that Beijing Universal Express was automatically refunded

According to the announcement issued by Feizhu, after discussion with Universal Beijing Resort, for Universal Express consumers who have completed the payment but failed to issue tickets and whose orders have been cancelled, on the basis of full refund, 30% of the actual transaction amount of the goods will be provided as compensation according to the Service Guarantee Standard for Feizhu Tickets and relevant rules of the Feizhu platform. At the same time, Universal Beijing Resort will specifically open the existing surplus inventory of Universal Express products, and will notify the opening time and product links through SMS as soon as possible.

: - 0 Continuous attention.

TmallDouble 11Release 10 merchant support measures and launch merchant registration today

Tmall Global will officially launch merchant registration on September 15, and yesterday released 10 merchant support measures to be launched during the Double 11. It is reported that during the Double 11, Alibaba Mom will upgrade the "super consumption return" activity, subsidize businesses with 1 billion yuan Alibaba Mom to promote red packets, and single businesses will be capped at 10 million yuan. In addition,TaoBaoThe Alliance plans to launch a commission subsidy of 1 billion yuan, focusing on providing additional commission subsidies to Taobao customers during the Double 11 pre-sale period, with the maximum income of 160%, which is the largest subsidy to Taobao customers in the history of Taobao Alliance.

: - 0 Start again.

Ren Zhengfei on Why to Study 6g

Ren Zhengfei: Why should we study 6G so hard? Science is an endless frontier. Each generation of wireless communication has developed new capabilities. 4G is a data capability, and 5G is a capability for the interconnection of everything. Will 6G bring new capabilities into play, and will there be unlimited imagination? Our research on 6G is to take precautions and seize the patent position. Don't wait until one day when 6G is really useful, because we have no patent, we will be subject to others.

In the past, we emphasized standards because we are behind the times. People already have a large stock online. If we do not integrate standards, we cannot connect with others. But when we "break the sky" and lead the world, we should not be constrained by this. We should dare to go our own way, dare to create factual standards, and let others connect with us. Just like the IP of Chambers in those days, it is exclusive of the public opinion.

: - 0 Dare to be the first.

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