Noon News | Tencent responded that the 60 year old man had five kings killed in the morning; LeTV Building is auctioned again


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Introduction:Tencent responded that the 60 year old man was killed five times in the morning; LeTV Building is auctioned again

tencentRespond to the 60 year old man who killed five kings in the morning

Tencent growth guard platform responded that the online picture "60 year old people ranked at 3:00 a.m." had been screened and compared. The account was repeatedly judged to be operated by suspected minors, and had passed 17 face recognition before and after. At the same time, the system feedback results were consistent with the public security data sources. It is impossible to judge whether it belongs to "someone else's face". For example, if it belongs to "parents' face", we hope that parents should be vigilant and not be cheated to brush their face.

: - 0 Zhao Zilong, my milk?

The video platform should not charge advanced on-demand fees from VIP old members

Recently, the VIP member service of the video platform and the advanced on-demand mechanism have aroused consumers' doubts and dissatisfaction. In this regard, China Consumer Association said on the 9th that the video platform should not charge VIP old members advance on-demand fees, and should not deliberately slow down the pace of video updates in order to charge advance on-demand fees; The China Consumer Association said that the video platform should cancel the restriction of episode by episode. No matter whether consumers need it or not, they must buy it in order to achieve on-demand ahead of time, which is detrimental to consumers' right of independent choice and against consumers' real will.

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The starting price for the second auction of LeTV Building is 570 million yuan

According to Alibaba's auction, the auction of the real estate on the 1st to 14th floors of Building 3, 105 Yaojiayuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, which used to be LeRong Building (previously called LeRong Building), the headquarters of LeTV Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., started at 10 o'clock on September 9, with a starting price of 570 million yuan and an evaluation price of 818 million yuan.

As of 9 a.m. on the same day, the online auction had attracted more than 310000 onlookers, but the number of applicants for the auction was 0.

As early as 2019, the Third Intermediate People's Court of Beijing had conducted a public auction of Lerong Building (the former LeTV Building in Beijing). At that time, the real estate appraisal price was 969 million yuan, and the starting price was more than 678 million yuan. However, the auction was later suspended because the outsider raised a different opinion on the auction property.

: - 0 Does anyone dare to accept the order?

Tencent registered relevant trademarks of the universe

36 Krypton learned that Tianyan checked the app and found that Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. recently applied for the registration of the "King Yuan Universe" and "Tianmei Universe" trademarks. The international classification includes social services and communication services. The current trademark status is under application.

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milletautomobileDouble the salary and recruit people

Car related recruitment released in XiaomiadvertisementIn China, the monthly salary of auto related posts is basically more than 20000 yuan, and the starting salary of some core field posts is more than 30000 yuan. In the face of the aggressive "robbing people" attack by the new car making forces, the traditional car enterprises have also issued various new measures to deal with the problem of personnel loss.

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