Noon News | Nongfu Shanquan responded that there are a lot of maggots in bottled water; He's application for id trademark was rejected


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Introduction:Nongfu Spring responded that there were a lot of maggots in bottled water; He's application for id trademark was rejected

Nongfu Spring responded that there are a lot of maggots in bottled water

According to media reports, a woman in Wuhan, Hubei Province reported that her purchase of Nongfu Mountain Spring bottled mineral water contained a large number of maggots. The woman said that she found sediment and eggs in the two bottles of water. The mineral water was unopened. The bottled water was marked with the production date of June 30, 2021, and it did not expire. Nongfu Spring has sent quality inspectors to inspect it.

This morning, Nongfu Spring officiallymicro-blogIn response, he said that "the production process can never enter the eggs".

Nongfu Spring said that the production process of Nongfu Spring is continuous. All the source water has been strictly filtered and sterilized. The packaging containers have also been strictly sterilized. It is impossible for the production process to enter the eggs. At present, we have reported to the public security organ for handling.

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Jinjiang Literature City will open a grading system

On the 21st, Jinjiang Literature City released a letter on the website saying that it would gradually implement the age based reading recommendation system. It would recommend reading for different ages according to the different labels, types and other characteristics of the works, so that controversial, sharp and more complex articles could temporarily stay away from readers who are not mature in mind, while leaving adults a more comfortable reading space.

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Tiktok upgrade anti addictionvideoForm: "cannot be drawn"

On October 20, it was reported that recently, Tiktok upgraded the video form of anti addiction rest reminder, and launched the "no go" function. When the user sees the "cannot be removed" video pushed by the system, the page will prompt "rest for another 5 seconds". During this period, the rest reminder video will continue to stay and cannot be removed.

The relevant person in charge of Tiktok said: "The rest reminder video has been a favorite way for users since it was launched more than three years ago. Many netizens reported in the research that they would put down their mobile phones to rest after they saw the reminder video. In order to make this kind of video more interesting and the prompts more obvious, we upgraded the video format and added the 'cannot leave' function. We hope that everyone can enjoy a good time and don't forget to rest."

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He's application for id trademark was rejected

The enterprise checked the app and found that recently, the status of several "Hello Teacher, My Name is He Xuexue" trademarks has changed from invalid in the registration application to rejected for review. The international classification of trademarks includes education, entertainmentadvertisementSales, etc. Enterprise investigation shows that the trademark applicant is Hangzhou He Xuexue Culture Media Co., Ltd., which is wholly-owned by He Shijie. It is reported that, "Hello, teacher, my name is He", why is Shijie's name.

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Universal Beijing Resort launched a winter and spring roaming card, which can be used for many times after the expiration of half a year

Universal Beijing Resort announced the launch of three major products: Universal Studios Winter and Spring Roaming Card, Universal Studios Non designated Day Double Ticket and two resort hotels - Universal Studios Hotel and Nuojin Resort - Universal Beijing Resort Room Ticket“Double 11”Activities. The three new products will be officially sold in limited quantities at the official flagship store of Flying Pigs in Universal Beijing Resort from 0:00 on November 1. Tourists who hold the Winter and Spring Roaming Card of Universal Studios Beijing can enter the park for many times within the validity period of more than 6 months. Each time they enter the park, they need to make an appointment in advance.

: - 0 Half year card?

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