China Corporate Globalization Weekly | JD and Shopify reach strategic cooperation; Microsoft: The acquisition of Activision Blizzard will be completed in fiscal year 2023


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Great events of globalization of Chinese companies that deserve attention

JD and Shopify have reached strategic cooperation.36 Krypton went to sea to learn that on January 18, JD Group announced that it had reached strategic cooperation with Shopify, becoming the first Chinese strategic partner officially announced by Shopify, and creating a new cross-border e-commerce channel for Chinese and overseas businesses. It is reported that JD will connect the import and export supply chain business to the Shopify system next. At present, it has developed three plug-in functions: JD Sourcing, JD Shipping, and JD Marketplace (import).

In December 2021, Tencent's PUBG Mobile won the first place in the global mobile game bestseller list.36 krypton learned that according to the intelligence data of Sensor Tower Store, Tencent's PUBG Mobile (combined with the income of Peace Elite) will attract 244 million dollars in the global App Store and Google Play in December 2021, an increase of 36.7% compared with December 2020, and will continue to be the best seller of mobile games in the world. Among them, 68.3% of the revenue comes from its Chinese iOS version of Peace Elite, and the revenue of the US and Türkiye market accounts for 6.8% and 5.5% respectively.

The first European shop of Bubble Mart opened for trial operation in London.According to Globe. com, the first European store of Bubble Mart has started trial operation in London, UK, attracting a large number of British fans. It is reported that this store located in Shaftesbury Avenue in the central area of London will be the first store of Bubble Mart in Europe to bring Chinese fashion products to consumers. According to the person in charge of Bubble Mart UK, SKULLPANDA, DIMOO, PUCKY and Ono series are popular.

"Jiyuan Technology" completed tens of millions of yuan of B2 round financing.36 Krypton learned that Shenzhen Jiyuan Technology Co., Ltd., the underwater robot R&D and manufacturer, recently announced to complete tens of millions of yuan of B2 round financing. The investor of this round is Tongchuang Weiye Capital, and Yunmu Capital acts as the exclusive financial adviser. The funds will be mainly used for the promotion of the overall solution of underwater industry applications, and will continue to increase further investment in distributed computing, sensing technology and intelligent algorithms. At the same time, Jiyuan Technology will build a global online platform, lay out global core technical barriers, and accelerate global commercialization layout and industry penetration.

Shunfeng Holding: overseas subsidiaries successfully issued additional US $700 million of bonds.36 krypton learned that SF Holding Investment 2021 Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, completed 1.2 billion USD bonds of the public development bank overseas on November 17, 2021 in order to realize the company's overseas development strategy, improve overseas capital strength, broaden financing channels and optimize the debt structure. On January 18, on the basis of the previous issuance of US $1.2 billion bonds, the subsidiary successfully issued additional US $700 million bonds.

Huawei has started to sell 2MWh energy storage system in Japan.According to the Associated Press of Finance, Huawei began to sell 2MWh energy storage systems in Japan. Huawei related people said that it is not convenient to disclose which cell is used. Earlier, media reported that Huawei planned to start selling large batteries for renewable energy storage in Japan in March, and would purchase small battery packs from manufacturers including Ningde Times. Ningde Times has not responded to this.

Weilai responded to the American car sales: the department office moved normally and the overseas market expanded steadily.According to Sina Science and Technology, in response to the media report that Weilai is expanding its office in the United States and may sell cars in the United States, Weilai responded that this is a normal move of the United States office. In addition, for the expansion plan of overseas markets, Weilai said that after entering the Norwegian market in 2021, Weilai's products and whole system services will enter Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands this year. The expansion of overseas markets is progressing steadily.

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Nowadays, there are not a few express companies that like the "cake" of e-commerce logistics in Southeast Asia. As the top two regional third-party express logistics company in Southeast Asia, Ninja Van currently has more than 2000 operational research hubs, warehouses and delivery stations in Southeast Asia, and the final delivery can cover almost all remote villages and towns in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand. Next, what Ninja Van needs to face is that more and more Southeast Asian logistics providers are looking to the "last mile" they are proud of, including its allies.

Southeast Asia Logistics War: Ninja Van | in Focus

Singapore, Asia's leading hub of finance, trade, science and technology and innovation, has nearly half of the unicorns in Southeast Asia and is a veritable "unicorn paradise". Among the 35 Unicorns in Southeast Asia, the financial technology enterprises take the lead, accounting for 26% of the total number. E-commerce and logistics ranked second and third with 20% and 11% respectively. Among them, 15 unicorns were founded or headquartered in Singapore. In addition, in 2021, at least 10 new unicorns in Southeast Asia will have Singapore blood, accounting for about half of the total number of new unicorns. There is no doubt that Singapore has become a fertile land for breeding unicorns.

Singapore: New Cradle of Unicorn

Global New Economic Events

Southeast Asia

Cambodia has suspended the collection of cross-border e-commerce VAT.According to the interface news report, the Cambodian government decided to delay the collection of value-added tax on foreign e-commerce, so that foreign e-commerce can have enough time for tax registration. According to the press release issued by the Cambodian National Taxation Bureau, the Ministry of Finance and Economics of Cambodia has decided to extend the date of implementation of the decree on the collection of value-added tax on e-commerce to March 31 this year.

Vietnam's mother and baby product retail and online shopping platform ConCung received financing of 90 million US dollars.According to e27, this round of financing is led by Quadria Capital. ConCung was founded in 2011 and its products include milk powder, diapers, nutrition and vitamins, toys and baby fashion. It is reported that the newly raised funds in this round will be used to expand product categories and offline stores. The company plans to open 2000 stores locally in 2025.

Social Bella Indonesia, an Indonesian beauty product startup, plans to raise $200 million.According to Bloomberg, insiders said that Social Bella Indonesia, a beauty product startup supported by Temasek, is negotiating with investors to raise 150 million to 200 million dollars. It is reported that if the transaction is concluded, the company's valuation will exceed $1 billion and become a unicorn. Social Bella Indonesia, headquartered in Jakarta, mainly operates an online shopping platform for beauty products, including cosmetics, skin care products, hair care products, beauty tools and perfume.


Exxelia, an Indian component manufacturer, bought a majority stake in Alcon Electronics for US $100 million.According to The Economic Times, Exxelia will benefit from Alcon's unique engineering capabilities in testing and instrumentation through this cooperation. Exxelia is a design and manufacturer of high-performance passive components and subsystems. Alcon is a leading design and manufacturer of thin-film and aluminum electrolytic capacitors in India, specializing in renewable energy, induction heating equipment, medical imaging, power generation and railway terminal markets.

India's financial technology platform, IndMoney, received US $75 million in financing.According to The Economic Times, the investor of this round of financing is the existing investor of IndMoney, but the details are not disclosed. Founded in 2019, IndMoney aims to help users manage funds and track their financial status through the platform. It is reported that the company also plans to launch credit card products.

EVage, an Indian electric vehicle startup, received seed round financing of US $28 million.According to The Economic Times, this round of financing is led by RedBlue Capital. The new funds will be used to build a factory outside Delhi and produce its first model, Model. X. It is reported that Model X is an electric truck. The company plans to launch this truck in 2022.

Europe and America

Microsoft: The acquisition of Activision Blizzard will be completed in fiscal year 2023.According to Sina Technology, Microsoft announced on January 18 that it plans to acquire Activision Blizzard, a game developer and interactive entertainment content publisher, with a total transaction amount of about $68.7 billion, at a cash price of $95 per share. Microsoft expects that the acquisition of Activision Blizzard will be completed in fiscal year 2023. This transaction has been approved by Microsoft and Activision Blizzard's board of directors, but it still needs to meet some transaction conditions, as well as the approval of regulatory authorities and Activision Blizzard's shareholders.

Exotec, a French warehouse robot solution provider, received a round D financing of $335 million.According to Techcrunch, this round of financing is led by Goldman Sachs. It is reported that Exotec, founded in 2015, is committed to selling a complete end-to-end solution that can turn a conventional warehouse into a partially automated platform. This is a hardware and software solution that can replace some human tasks. The new funds will be used to continue to promote in North America, and it is planned to recruit 500 engineers by 2025.

Verana Health, an American medical technology company, completed the round E financing of US $150 million.According to TechCrunch, this round of financing is led by Johnson&Johnson Innovation and Novo Growth, with GV, Cassin Capital and Breyer Capital participating. Verana Health, founded in 2018, optimizes and integrates the medical clinical database based on the regulatory level data platform through cooperation with the Medical Association.

The EU plans to produce 20% of the world's chips by 2030.According to CCTV news, European Commission President Von Delain said at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum on the 20th local time that the European Union would propose a draft law regulating the production of chips in the EU early next month, striving to double the number of chips produced by the EU within ten years. Von Delain said that most of the chips used by the EU at present come from manufacturers outside the EU, resulting in strong external dependence and unstable supply, which the EU cannot afford. By 2030, 20% of the world's chips should be produced by enterprises in EU countries.

Australia and New Zealand

LanzaJet, a clean energy company in New Zealand, received a financing of US $50 million.According to The National Business Review, this round of financing is led by Climate Innovation Fund under Microsoft. LanzaJet is a subsidiary separated from LanzaTech, a biotechnology and carbon recovery company in New Zealand. It has built an integrated bio refinery in Georgia, USA. It is reported that the company will use this fund to build its first ethanol jet sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production plant.

Firebrick Pharma, an Australian pharmaceutical company, raised US $7 million through IPO.According to Australian Financial Review, Firebrick Pharma has raised US $7 million through IPO and will be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange later this month. It is reported that Firebrick Pharma, founded in 2012, is committed to developing a nasal spray that can kill viruses or bacteria that cause respiratory tract infections. After nearly 10 years of research, development and testing, its first product, Nasodine nasal spray, has now entered the final stage of research and development.

Blackstone may acquire Crown Resorts for A $8.87 billion.According to Australian Financial Review, Crown Resorts, Australia's largest casino and entertainment group, said on Thursday that its board of directors may support Blackstone's A $8.87 billion (about US $6.38 billion) acquisition proposal unless a higher acquisition offer appears. It is reported that this transaction may be completed by the end of June. However, the transaction also needs to be approved by the Australian casino regulator.

Latin America

The Colombian enterprise training institution Ubits received a round B financing of 25 million US dollars.According to Contxto, this round of financing is led by Riverwood Capital, and participated by Roble Ventures, Endeavor Catalyst and Owl Ventures. It is reported that Ubits was established in 2013 to provide an online learning platform for enterprise employees. It is reported that this fund will be used for the expansion of the European market, focusing on the Spanish market.


Finclusion Group, an African financial technology startup, completed a round A financing of 20 million US dollars.According to TechCrunch, Finclusion Group recently announced that it had completed a round A equity and debt financing of 20 million US dollars. The equity investors include Andela, Future Africa, a venture capital institution under the name of Iyin Aboyeji, the co-founder of Flutterwave, Christian Faes, the founder of LendInvest, Charlie Delingpole, the founder of ComplyAdvantage, and other investors. This round of debt financing was provided by several monetary funds from the Kingdom of Eswatini and South Africa, and the amount accounted for a large share in this round. It is reported that the new funds will be used to expand existing businesses in South Africa, Eswatini, Kenya, Namibia and Tanzania, and enter the markets of Mozambique and Uganda.


The subscription amount of LG New Energy's public offering exceeded 600 billion yuan, the highest in South Korea.According to the Associated Press of Finance, LG New Energy's subscription application for the initial public offering (IPO) for retail investors has ended, and the cumulative subscription amount and number of subscribers have both set the highest record in South Korea. The total subscription amount of seven securities companies, including KB Securities, Shinhan Financial Investment and Daxin Securities, reached 114.06 trillion won (about 611.29 billion yuan), more than 30 trillion won more than the previous record (81 trillion won) maintained by SKIET, a materials subsidiary of SK Innovation.

Dream Games, a Türkiye based game startup, completed a round C financing of $255 million.According to TechCrunch, this round of financing is led by Index Ventures. This fund will be used to continue to invest in and develop Royal Match, a popular game of the company, and will launch a new project later this year. Dream Games, founded in 2019, is a game company located in Istanbul, focusing on casual games, video games, etc. Royal Match is one of the most profitable mobile games on the market.

Green Labs, a South Korean agricultural technology startup, completed a $140 million round C financing.According to TechCrunch, this round of financing is led by BRV Capital Management, with Skylake Incuvest and SK Square participating. The new funds will be used to expand the global market and build a talent team. It is reported that the services provided by Green Labs include the application "Farm Morning", which uses artificial intelligence to collect reliable data. The app helps more than 500000 farmers understand the life cycle of crops, as well as the B2B fresh food market "Sinsun Market" for more than 10000 enterprise buyers.

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