36 krypton goes to sea for the first time | Mabang Software, a cross-border e-commerce service provider, completed the round B financing of 300 million yuan led by Softbank Asia, making China a world store


Author:Deng Yunxi
Source: 36kr

36 Krypton went to sea to learn that Mabang Software (hereinafter referred to as Mabang), a cross-border e-commerce service provider, has recently completed a round B financing of 300 million yuan, led by SoftBank Ventures Asia, followed by LightCloud Technology, and Holding Capital continues to serve as the exclusive financial adviser of this round. Regarding the round B financing, Zhang Jie, CEO of Mabang, said that the newly raised funds would be mainly used for three aspects: first, increasing brand exposure; Second, expansion of technical and sales teams; Third, further layout of overseas markets, mainly in Southeast Asia.

As the leading investor of this round of financing, Softbank Asia Venture Capital Co., Ltd. is committed to finding start-ups with great potential worldwide. For this investment caravan, Mr. Ding Haipeng, partner of Softbank Asia, said: "In the context of the COVID-19, e-commerce penetration has greatly improved in all regions of the world. China, as the world's factory, has strong supply chain resources, and Chinese e-commerce sellers also play a pivotal role in the major e-commerce platforms around the world. Cross border e-commerce sellers need digital tools to improve their business efficiency, and tools like ERP are indispensable. We are very interested in helping the Mabang in cross-border The current leadership position in the e-commerce ERP track has been fully recognized. The caravan team has more than ten years of deep cultivation in the cross-border e-commerce field, and has created a set of products that are the most powerful in the industry, support the most platforms, and are recognized by customers. They never set limits for themselves, and help customers achieve greater success by constantly improving services and products. We are very optimistic about the future of the caravan and believe that it can become the "fast horse" needed by more sellers to help more customers become bigger and stronger. "

As a leading enterprise in the cross-border e-commerce service industry, Mabang is not only an ERP software company, but also an e-commerce solution organization. After nearly 10 years of polishing, the caravan supported 88 e-commerce platforms including Amazon, AliExpress, Shopify, etc., and also systematically connected more than 1000 logistics companies and nearly 200 overseas warehouses. Among all cross-border e-commerce ERP companies, the caravan has the broadest platform and the deepest product line. And it will soon launch a cross-border service product portfolio for small and medium-sized sellers to serve these high-quality global e-commerce sellers with great potential.

In addition, according to the leader Zhang Jie, the core user group of the caravan is medium and large sellers. In addition, as more and more Chinese brands are deployed in overseas markets, the caravan has also begun to provide services for a number of well-known Chinese brands, including Huaxizi, Perfect Diary, Puppy, Lin's Wood and Special Walk.

Speaking of the future, Zhang Jie, the leader of the gang, said that the caravan had a two-step strategy. On the one hand, it was to help domestic e-commerce sellers go to sea, and on the other hand, it was a globalization strategy. It will further implement the globalization strategy. The caravan has supported English, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malay and other overseas language versions. Among them, Southeast Asia, where there is still a huge demographic dividend, will be the focus of the layout of the caravan. At present, the caravan has entered the markets of Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines, and has established its first overseas headquarters in Indonesia. In the future, the caravan will vigorously develop localization, aiming to better empower local sellers and brands in Southeast Asia.

Zhang Jie, the founder and CEO of Mabang, is a veteran of cross-border e-commerce. He has been engaged in cross-border e-commerce for nearly 20 years. He is the first generation of Internet business in China, as well as the first generation of China's cross-border e-commerce ERP research and development expert and cross-border e-commerce enterprise management expert.

After more than ten years of establishment, the caravan has never forgotten its original intention and has been shouldering the mission of making the global commodity circulation more efficient.

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Editor | Zhao Xiaochun

Figure | The drawing provided by the caravan

The first launch of cross-border e-commerce 36 krypton to the sea | Mabang Software, a cross-border e-commerce service provider, completed a round B financing of 300 million yuan led by Softbank Asia, making China a world store

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