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35 tons drag chain flatbed reel electric flat car split rail flat car About us: electric flat car, also known as electric flatbed car, trolley, overpass car, electric rail car, ground crawler, etc., is a factory rail electric transport vehicle, first of all, it is a rail type transport vehicle, need to lay tracks on the ground, the track is generally an I-shaped surface contact rail; secondly, it is an electric drive vehicle, in the motor speed reducer It runs automatically when driven. Again, it is a flatbed car with a flat countertop and no car cover. In special cases, it can be non-flat but without a car cover. The car body has no steering wheel, only the direction of forward and backward (even if it turns, the city relies on the track to turn). The vehicle has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, large carrying capacity, no fear of dirt, no fear of smashing, easy maintenance, long service life, etc., and because of its convenience, robustness, economy, practicality, easy cleaning, etc., it is a means of transporting heavy objects frequently within an enterprise factory building and between the workshop and the workshop in a short distance. 02 There are seven main technical parameters of rail flat cars: power supply mode, load tonnage, table size, table height, track length, track spacing, and operation mode. Among them, * the main technical parameters are power supply mode and load tonnage. The rail electric flat car determines its model by power supply, and its specifications are determined by load tonnage. 0202 towing cable flat car KPT series electric flat car is powered by the mopping cable of the flat car during operation. One end of the cable is connected to the ground power supply, and the other end is introduced into the flat car through the iron clamp device of the electric flat car. The characteristics of this type of electric flat car are low table height, easy to load and unload heavy objects, but the running distance should not be too long, generally not more than 100m. Too long and easy to wind the cable battery series flat car KPX series is a battery electric flat car powered by a battery. 020202 The battery provides power to the DC traction motor, and the DC motor drags the flat car to run. Compared with AC motors, DC motors have the advantages of not easy burnout, large starting torque, and strong overload capacity. It has greater safety performance and maneuverability flexibility than KPJ and KPD series flat cars. It can drive on bends and turnouts, has no limit on the running distance, and has no insulation requirements for tracks, so construction is convenient and low in cost. 020202020202020202

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Company name:Taian Runde Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd
Company address:Taian, Shandong

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