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Elevator sleeves made of this material not only have the hardness of stone, but also the toughness of plastic. They are also very good in extremely cold and extremely hot environments, and will not deform due to temperature changes, so I think they can be replaced. In fact, the correct answer is no, if it is an imitation marble elevator sleeve, then his composition is an appropriate amount of PVC resin powder and a large amount of stone powder, imitation marble elevator sleeve its composition and material and weight, are much better than PVC foam lines, service life is also relatively longer, imitation marble elevator sleeve is not only heavy, but also the color and texture are no different from real stone, imitation marble elevator sleeve is really Guess about 4 minutes, but the hardness of the marble elevator sleeve is almost the same as that of real marble, and has better toughness than real marble. The excess part should be chiseled or repaired with cement mortar to fix the defect, and level it, because structural glue is a glue with strong viscosity, and glass glue is a watering with better sealing properties. The stone plastic material of the stone plastic line manufacturer is mainly composed of calcium carbonate. It has no radioactive contamination and is generally sticky. The role of the two is not a concept, so it cannot be replaced. Stone plastic lines, let more and more entrepreneurs pour into the industry, while bringing fresh vitality to the industry, purchasing stone plastic elevator door covers is troublesome and troublesome, simple and simple, defined, depends on the manufacturer you choose to the end, when the building materials industry stone plastic elevator door cover gradually enters the eyes of buyers, after understanding you can choose which glue to use according to their needs, install reinforcement: silicone glue or marble Glue can be installed, because the use of stone plastic elevator cover is not a short-term product, so I hope you choose a better glue, material imitation marble UV board, stone plastic lines, integrated wall panels, door cover lines, consumed stone plastic goods are expensive, can greatly increase the profit of public decoration, which has a good effect on home improvement low-key luxury style and neoclassical style. Stone plastic lines have the decorative effect of natural marble, but it is a big problem that marble radiates for thousands of years. It can be used indoors with confidence. How about the surface made by a good stone plastic line manufacturer? The surface of the stone plastic line is smooth, the color is relatively bright, so it plays a role in decoration, because it is light in texture, so the construction is relatively simple, 1. Low cost, the overall cost of the stone plastic elevator cover is only four points of natural marble, but its performance is far higher than that of ordinary imitation stone, my experience is to try not to use big money and silver lines, stone plastic elevator covers can be installed with adhesive or dry hanging, using clouds In this case, even if the door cover is installed first, if the master has experience, the door cover line will not be cut off. Using frame lines with antique effects, especially lines with many surface layers, the effect of this is more differentiated. Usually in the decoration of various places, the installation of the elevator cover is only carried out at the end of the project, the stone plastic elevator door has many different installation methods, different size installation will also be slightly different, and the decorative line similar to the gypsum line, light weight, waterproof, pattern is more delicate than the gypsum line, the stone plastic door sleeve line can be wiped clean after the completion of the surface dust, but there are many types of lines, and every line has it Usefulness, it was once hailed as an alternative to gypsum line. When purchasing stone plastic elevator sleeves more and more fancy comparison, the cost of using imitation marble elevator sleeves to make elevator covers ranges between 200-300, which also needs to be formulated according to the manufacturer's quality and positioning, and there are many people in the decoration doorway that many people understand, if you don't understand at all, basic production: stone plastic elevator gutter according to the different size of the side panel can choose whether to make a foundation, three millimeters later thin plate can be used nine centimeters For the lining of the door cover, if a thick 1.5 cm thick plate is used.

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