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The liquid mud pump, vertical slurry pump, mining slurry pump KSL bolt slurry pump pump shell, impeller and guard plate and other overflow parts are cast from high alloy materials, with high strength and good passability. The main components of KSL vertical sand discharge pump are composed of pump shell, impeller, stirring impeller, guard plate, pump seat, motor landline motor, etc. Liquid mud pump, vertical slurry pump, mining slurry pump product advantages: 1, the pump seal adopts 2 sets of carbide mechanical seals; 2, the use of auxiliary impeller to reduce the back pressure of the impeller, extend the life of the seal; 3, the overflow parts are made of high chromium alloy steel and other materials, anti-abrasive; 4, in addition to the main impeller, there is also a stirring impeller, which can stir the sludge precipitated in the bottom of the water into stirring Extracted after turbulence; 5. The stirring impeller is directly close to the deposition surface , the concentration is large. Liquid mud pump, vertical slurry pump, mining slurry pump model significance: 100KSL75-15-7.502 100 - pump outlet nominal diameter (mm) 02 KSL - vertical mud pump 02 75 - rated flow (m3/h) 02 15 - rated head (m) 02 7.5 - equipped with motor rated power (Kw) 02 submerged mud pump, vertical Scope of use of slurry pump and mining slurry pump: 1. Dredging projects such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs, urban inland rivers, etc. 2. Clean up slurry, mud and sand in sedimentation tanks such as sewage treatment plants, steel plants, thermal power plants, etc. 3. High temperature slurry pump discharge of high temperature waste residue, boiler high temperature slurry, heat-resistant iron oxide sheet, metallurgy, etc. 4. Extract ore powder, mortar, etc. from emery, tailings, quartz placers, rare earth ores, etc. 5. Coastal blow-filling land reclamation, sand unloading and reclamation, power station water storage and sand diversion, etc. 6. Extraction and transportation of coal washing coal slurry, cinder, power plant fly mortar and slime. 7. Transportation and dredging of various slurry materials such as ceramics and marble powder. 8. Equipped with an independent stirring impeller. Mainly used in environmental protection, municipal engineering, thermal power plant, gas coking plant, refinery, steel plant, mining, paper industry, cement factory, food factory, printing and dyeing and other industries to suck concentrate, heavy oil, oil residue, dirt liquid, mud, mortar, quicksand and flowing sludge in urban sewage ditches, as well as fluid and corrosive liquid containing sediment residue. Quality and 02 I. Quality and technical standards: Manufactured according to CJ/T3038-1995 standards, and the system is implemented according to ISO9001. 2. Technical standards, conditions and deadlines for which suppliers are responsible for quality: implement three guarantees for quality. 3. During the period; under the condition that the conveying medium meets the requirements of the pump's overcurrent parts and can comply with the instruction manual, if the product is damaged due to poor manufacturing or cannot work normally, our factory will replace or repair it free of charge. The wearing parts are not within this period. 4. High alloy steel manufacturing of wearing parts 5. Our factory ensures long-term provision of accessories for customers. 6. For cooperating units, our factory fully serves customers.

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Company name:Jinan Kunsheng Pump Co., Ltd.
Company address:Jinan Kunsheng Pump Co., Ltd.

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