blow molding tray 1412 plastic tray


Category: Rubber plastic

Commodity Address: Dezhou, Shandong

Company name: Qingyun Xinli Plastic Co., Ltd

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Blow molding tray 1412 plastic tray, plastic barrel manufacturers only produce 1412 size blow molding tray a plastic tray specifications, manufacture 1412 blow molding tray plastic tray, blow molding tray 1412 size plastic tray blue tray blue tray blow molding tray 1412 tray manufacturers supply, Xinli blow molding plastic tray blow molding tray 1412 blow molding tray supply, blow molding tray 1412 blow molding tray supply, blow molding Plastics Tray, blow molded tray, 1.2*1.4m tray supply, pure material production, strong, no taste. 18805445999 Qingyun Xinli Plastics Co., Ltd. is a plastic bucket, plastic packaging bucket, plastic products, chemical barrels, automotive plastic water tanks, plastic tool box production and sales, operating instruments, plastic machinery and plastic products mold, metal materials and products, polyethylene plastic raw materials, electrical equipment, machinery and equipment, tools, office supplies, labor insurance supplies, bedding industry and trade integration enterprises, leading products: stacking type 5 liter plastic Barrels, 10-liter plastic barrels, 20-liter plastic barrels, 30-liter plastic barrels, 50-liter plastic barrels everywhere. 020202020202 Our company has grown rapidly in market-based operation. We have set up production plants in Qingyun, Binzhou and Cangzhou to facilitate plastic bucket users in different regions. The head office is located in Qingyun County Development Zone, Shandong Province, which is a plastic barrel production base in North China. The company produces 1 liter plastic barrels, 5 liters plastic barrels, 6 liters plastic barrels, 8 liters plastic barrels, 10 liters plastic barrels, 12 liters plastic barrels, 13 liters plastic barrels, 15 liters plastic barrels, 16 liters plastic barrels, 18 liters plastic barrels, 19 liters plastic barrels, plastic barrels with valves, 25 kg liquor with spout, 20 liters plastic buckets, 23 liters plastic barrels, 25 liters plastic bucket, 30 Liter plastic bucket, 35 liter plastic bucket, 40 liter plastic bucket, 50 liter plastic bucket, 60 liter plastic bucket, 200 liter double ring plastic bucket, 200 liter single ring plastic bucket, plastic bucket lid, hydrogen peroxide breathable plastic barrel cover, plastic barrel latch, plastic barrel latch, plastic barrel sealing ring. In addition, 100 liter plastic barrels, 120 liters plastic barrels, 125 liters plastic barrels, 135 liters plastic barrels, 150 liters plastic buckets, 160 liters plastic buckets, 200 liters plastic buckets, 220 liters plastic buckets, 300 liters plastic barrels, 1000 liters plastic barrels, 1000 liters IBC containers, tons of barrels, generous barrels, and IBC barrels are sold. There are open plastic barrels and closed plastic buckets, which can hold water, chemical liquids, pesticides, additives, food and other products. They have a beautiful appearance, are easy to stack, and are suitable for container transportation. The plastic barrels we operate meet the quality standards of plastic barrels for export.

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Contacts:Lu Wen-tai
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Company name:Qingyun Xinli Plastic Co., Ltd
Company address:Dezhou, Shandong

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