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Product Name: sodium octaborate tetrahydrate chemical molecular formula: Na2B8O13·4H2O appearance form: white fine powder purity (Na2B8O13 · 4H2O): greater than 99.9% boron oxide (B2O3): 67± 0.5% boron element (B): 20.5± 0.5% sodium oxide (Na2O): 14± 1% PH value: 7-8.5 Product features: 1. Boron content High: This product has stable boron effect, high fertilizer efficiency, pure boron content ≥ 21%, purity ≥ 99.0%. 0202022. Fast Solubility: This product dissolves very quickly, even at low temperatures, it can quickly dissolve in water or more viscous liquids. 3. Efficient and economical: After application, it can be quickly absorbed and utilized by leaves, stems, flowers, fruits and soil. The utilization rate of boron is as high as 80%, and the fertilizer effect on crops is obvious. This product is especially suitable for large-scale agricultural machinery operation. It can be used in conjunction with other measures, simplifies operation technology, and saves labor and cost. 4. Safe and efficient: This product is absorbed in the season when used in the season, has no residue in the soil, does not cause pollution, conforms to environmental protection requirements and the development direction of pollution-free agriculture, and has broad prospects for use. 5. Good mixing: The aqueous solution of this product is close to neutral (pH 7.6), and can be mixed with a variety of foliar fertilizers and chemical pesticides (except alkaline pesticides) without degradation, and is also a good insecticidal, disease-proof, antiseptic and disinfectant. 6. Obvious fertilizer effect: When the soil is boron-deficient, applying this product can increase yield by 15-45%, and obviously improve crop quality. Less investment, fast results. Precautions: 02021, boron is an essential trace element in plant growth and development, so pay attention to reasonable dosage during use to achieve the purpose of increasing yield and improving quality, otherwise, boron harm will also occur; 0202022, various plants have different sensitivities to boron, dicotyledonous plants need more boron than monocotyledonous plants, and gramineous crops need less boron, so when using this product, it should be considered to be applied at a high , moderately sensitive plants (A, highly sensitive: rape, alfalfa, cauliflower, celery, clover, beet, apple, grape, radish, cabbage, sunflower, lettuce, etc.; B, moderately sensitive: cotton, tomato, potato, carrot, peanut, peach, pear, etc.). 0202023. The flowering period is the critical period for plants to need boron. Foliar spraying should be used when using this product, which is more economical. 0202024. Due to differences in the abundance of boron in the soil, the different varieties and varieties of various crops, and the inconsistency of the fertilization methods and measures selected, can lead to differences in the yield increase effect of agricultural production. Qianyu Wangpu

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Company name:Shandong Jin Runzi Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Company address:Nanwang Village, Changshan Town, Zouping City, Shandong Province

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