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02 Sludge truck, also known as silt truck or garbage removal truck, is a new type of special vehicle for loading and transporting dump sewage, sludge, silt, mud, mud and garbage. Fully sealed design, the back cover is hydraulically opened with sealing strips around it, so it is clean and leak-free during transportation. The phenomenon of “dripping, leaking, and spilling” of traditional dump trucks has been improved. Welcome friends who need a sludge truck to visit our company. Our company can provide a full set of sludge truck solutions, so that you can buy it with confidence and comfort, and avoid worries. The sludge dump truck ensures that the silt garbage does not drip, the envelope is lined with stainless steel, the envelope is made of epoxy coal asphalt anticorrosive, the box is heated and insulated to prevent corrosion and sludge removal... etc. We can achieve full closure, full hydraulic opening, or semi-automatic opening. Sludge trucks that produce vehicles can meet different requirements under different requirements. In a word, our company can meet the sludge removal truck you want. Sludge transportation requirements vary according to different circumstances. Please call to communicate the specific sludge transportation plan by phone. Our company produces customized sludge transfer vehicles. Some design teams have multiple sludge transportation plan design experience, and will surely be able to produce sludge collection vehicles that meet customer requirements. 5 tons, 6 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons, 15 tons, 18 tons, 20 tons, rear envelope dump hydraulic control, the back door of the envelope can be automatically opened and locked. The vehicle's dump mechanism and cargo compartment back cover can make sludge dumping smoothly and effectively reduce pollution to the urban environment and reduce material loss on the way, and the hydraulic system is convenient and flexible to operate. Sludge dump truck is used for urban sludge removal and loading, unloading and transportation of various scattered materials, rated load quality. The price of the sludge truck is directly related to the chassis configuration, the size of the compartment volume, and the thickness of the steel plate. Users can call for consultation and communication according to their needs. Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. will be happy to serve you, and welcome your call 24 hours a day. Welcome your call for detailed pricing and parameter configuration. Pull 15 tons animal manure truck 20 square manure truck large breeding plant manure dump truck configuration 0212 tons sludge truck tax bureau pull 12 square sludge manure dump truck 02 sludge truck 12 square sludge dump truck 02 sealed garbage truck with odor 10 tons 12 square manure truck environmentally friendly manure dump truck parameters and price wheelbase 3300 small sludge dump truck cleaning 5 square sludge truck out Factory price 028 square meters Manure dump truck 02 drip-proof leak-proof anti-odor manure truck 15 square manure dump truck private custom box type 15 ton manure truck quote 10 tons livestock manure truck 02 dehydrated manure dump truck price configuration thousand fishing shop

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Company name:Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd
Company address:Southern suburb of Zengdu District, Suizhou City, Hubei Province

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