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Adopt hot-dip galvanized light steel structure, A-shaped roof. The roof and surrounding covering material adopt 4+9+4, 5+6+5, 5+9+5 single-layer float glass or insulating glass. The glass can be completely tempered, which solves the contradiction between greenhouse insulation and light transmission; good insulation in winter. The unique glass sealing structure completely solves the problem of water leakage on the roof. Glass greenhouse has the advantages of beautiful appearance, good light transmission, good display effect, long service life, etc., span: 6.4m\\ 8.0m\\ 9m\\ 9.6m\\ 10.8m\\ 12m, eave height: 3m-9m, column spacing: 4m\\ 8m, for places with low light, geothermal energy and waste heat from power plants, glass greenhouse is a good choice. Glass greenhouses are ideal for the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. This type of greenhouse can be fully automatic control. The supporting equipment can choose heating system (hot fan heating or plumbing heating), sunshade system, microfog or water curtain cooling system, water replenishment system, light filling system and spray, drip irrigation and fertilization system, computer integrated control system, roof spraying system, etc., according to different usage methods: smart glass greenhouse, vegetable glass greenhouse, flower glass greenhouse, seedling raising glass Greenhouse, science and technology Glass greenhouses, special-shaped glass greenhouses, etc., the use method and area can be adjusted by yourself. Smart glass greenhouses, usually referred to as continuous glass greenhouses or modern glass greenhouses for short, are a type of facility agriculture. They have a comprehensive environmental control system, which can directly regulate indoor temperature, light, water, fertilizer, gas and many other factors, and can achieve year-round high yields, steady vegetables and flowers, and good economic benefits. Following the rapid development of vegetable greenhouses in recent years, smart greenhouses have brought impetus to agricultural development. The control of smart greenhouses generally consists of three major parts: a signal collection system, a computer, and a control system. 1. The accuracy and timeliness of the glass greenhouse control system control system. Its basic function is to detect the environment. Coupled with the use of some sensors and intelligent machines, it strengthens people's deep understanding of the crop growth environment, completes scientific and accurate control, and can give corresponding responses and operations according to the sensor data, and the response is timely, creating an adaptive growth environment for plants, and greenhouses can cultivate high-quality, high-yield green vegetables. 2. The glass greenhouse control system can complete remote control. On the one hand, the workload of the operator is reduced and the work efficiency is improved, and on the other hand, the operator can monitor the situation of the entire greenhouse no matter where it is, and the advantage of science and technology is achieved. Following the development of the cultivation industry, greenhouse cultivation is now becoming more and more widespread, and greenhouse cultivation now accounts for a large part of agricultural cultivation! In recent years, agricultural cultivation has developed rapidly, and the cost of greenhouses with automatic control systems has gradually increased: the cost of such greenhouses is generally around 280-400 yuan per square meter. The higher the structural height, the higher the cost of greenhouses. It is suitable for three-dimensional cultivation, scientific research seedling cultivation, ecological restaurants, leisure and sightseeing greenhouses. Specifications: Venlo style multi-storey greenhouses generally span 9.6-12 meters, and the opening is about 4 meters. There are also improved multi-storey structures with a span of 12 meters and 8 meters, but the cost of greenhouses is high. Weifang Jianda Greenhouse Material Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of flowers and vegetables in China - Qingzhou, Weifang, Shandong, is a collection of greenhouse skeleton production, greenhouse engineering construction, intelligent greenhouse design and manufacturing, installation as one of the technology-based enterprises, the company undertakes all over the country and abroad, all types and scales of greenhouse construction work, looking forward to cooperating with you, the company relies on local vegetables, flowers hometown advanced technology and Management experience, thanks to the unremitting efforts of our professional and technical staff, after layers of practice and exploration, and according to the climatic conditions of different regions, we have successfully designed a series of greenhouse types suitable for the national conditions of various countries and regions. We have developed a series of greenhouse supporting facilities such as film single-building greenhouses, glass smart greenhouses, solar panels smart greenhouses, solar greenhouses, photovoltaic greenhouses, soilless cultivation greenhouses and multi-functional greenhouses. Products, the company takes customer needs as its development direction, and implements one-stop services from vegetable greenhouses land selection, design, overall construction, agricultural seedling supply to vegetable cultivation technical guidance, vegetable sales, etc., into practice, so that customers have no worries. We sincerely welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to visit and negotiate business!!

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Company name:Weifang Jianda Greenhouse Materials Co., Ltd
Company address:Weifang Jianda Greenhouse Materials Co., Ltd

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