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Jinan Hengda Sculpture Co., Ltd. specializes in: stainless steel sculpture, cast copper sculpture, forged copper sculpture, forged copper relief sculpture, FRP sculpture, tensile strength and design durability are more reliable Compared with traditional glass materials and corresponding glass products, it is enough to find that China's unique Guangzhou FRP products themselves have better corrosion resistance and stronger tensile resistance. In actual tests and treatments, it can be found that the tensile strength of this unique Guangzhou FRP product itself is comparable to that of steel. In the application of some special materials, the design effect and better durability function can be achieved. In long-term application, China's high-quality and assured Guangzhou FRP products can play corresponding functions in more fields; the design is more playable. This kind of FRP material realizes reinforcement and design through melting and cooling methods, and at present, China's Guangzhou FRP products have a good reputation for this kind of product It has a more prominent ability in the design. The application of mature and reliable processing technology gives this Guangzhou FRP product a more novel appearance. All kinds of unique relief products and unique commercial sculptures can be designed and produced with the help of this unique Guangzhou FRP product. In short, the materials and corresponding functions of Guangzhou FRP products with more reliable quality have obvious benefits. Our customers can also understand the current quotation and market situation of Guangzhou FRP products to ensure that this kind of Guangzhou FRP products have a higher cost performance ratio, and can show better functions in daily investment, so that Guangzhou FRP products can be used in many fields and won consumers The recognition of. FRP sculptures have been widely used in streets, parks, neighborhoods, etc. Most of their forms are characters, plants, animals, etc. Whether they are customized or made by manufacturers, these 4 factors will be taken into account. 1. Color effect Color effect is not only a factor that merchants must consider when customizing, but also directly affects the production process of the manufacturer during production. FRP sculptures can generally achieve a variety of effects: conventional colors, gold, silver, bronze, etc., which can meet the material requirements of various design needs, but there are also requirements for the surface effects of post-production by manufacturers. When processing colors, manufacturers must be vivid and vivid, and it is also a test of the manufacturer's lacquer art. 2. Strength factors Compared to steel, FRP has insufficient rigidity and is easy to deform. Therefore, merchants and manufacturers need to consider these factors when designing FRP sculptures. In situations where greater rigidity is required, FRP sculptures can be made into thin shell structures, sandwich structures, etc., or by increasing modulus fibers or reinforcing bars to increase rigidity to meet the needs of high strength 3. Design theme FRP material is superior to making streamlined works, so FRP has more advantages in modernist and postmodernist work design. For abstract design of street parks, or works with a strong dynamic support area, it is necessary to choose lightweight and high-strength FRP. The tension generated by the surface coating curing makes the FRP sculpture not conducive to showing the detailed texture, and needs to be considered in the design. 4. Sculpture maintenance FRP sculptures, like other plastic products, have aging. Generally, due to weather such as wind, sand, rain and snow, and external damage, etc., and external forces, the strength and integrity of the sculpture decrease. After five or six years of use, the sculpture is prone to deformation, fracture, etc., so it is also necessary to pay attention to cleaning and avoid external damage during the use of FRP sculptures.

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Company name:Jinan Hengda Sculpture Co., Ltd.
Company address:Jibei Development Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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