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02 02 Yellow gizzards are made of natural glutinous rice, brown sugar, good ginger leaves and necessary accessories, using traditional techniques. Because of its softness, sweetness but not greasy, and delicious fragrance, it has always been loved by thousands of households as a specialty of Shunan, and its history can be `describe`d as long. It is a must-have for families during the holidays, and a great gift for family and friends. 02 02 *Morning yellow gizzard was born in Dafang County, Guizhou Province. Dafang County Mountain Road Insurance took several days at a time to get out of the mountain. In ancient times, people along the way were sparsely populated, and food needed to be brought with you. The generous people made their own yellow gizzards. This is the previous life of yellow gizzards. Yellow gizzard has a golden color, rich aroma, and a sweet taste. Its unique feature is that good ginger leaves are selected for packaging, and the aroma of yellow gizzards comes from the aromatic oil contained in the good ginger leaves. 02 02 Tianyang yellow rice machine adopts a new intelligent temperature controlled curing molding process, rice pulp is cooked in a hot water bath in the water tank, and then extruded and polymerized by a spiral twisted dragon, ready to cook, once formed, no need to cook again, no paste pot, coke pot phenomenon in the traditional process, simple operation, energy saving, low electricity consumption, using a variety of starch or rice milk, noodle production and processing rice tofu, annual Cake, bait, parfait, cold shrimp, rice noodles , bowel powder, vermicelli vermicelli, etc., is a new type of rice pasta machine. 02 02 Tianyang Huangba machine 6FT-60 applicable power 2.2KW (220V), output 50 kg/h, external dimensions: 120*48*115cm, weight 65 kg, normal price 3,600 yuan/set, stainless steel type 5,800 yuan/set, 6FT-140 type, applicable power 7.5KW, output 150-180 kg/hour, price: ordinary Type 4,500 yuan, stainless steel type 7,800 yuan, 6FT-260 type, applicable power 13-15KW, output 500-600 kg, price: ordinary type 9800 yuan, stainless steel type 15,800 yuan (excluding motor and freight). 02 02 02 automatic cutting machine 6FT-60Q suitable power 3+0.75KW (220V), output 50-60 kg/hour, price: ordinary host model 9600 yuan/set, stainless steel host model 11,800 yuan/set. 6FT-140Q type, applicable power 0.75+7.5KW, output 150-200 kg/hour, price: ordinary host type 10800 yuan/set, stainless steel host type 14,000 yuan/set, 6FT-260 type, applicable power 15+0.75KW (380V), output 500-600 kg/hour, price: ordinary host type 14,600 yuan/set, The stainless steel host model is 18,800 yuan/set. The price of the above machine does not include air pump and freight. 02 02 02 Welcome to visit the factory. After-sales service: free technical teaching when purchasing a machine, handling logistics consignment, free mailing replacement of spare parts that are not damaged by humans due to quality problems within two years of the machine.

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Company name:Qufu Tianyang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Company address:No.1 Guide South Road, Qufu City, Shandong Province

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