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Fixed Scissors Double Countertop Car Lift Four-column Car Hydraulic Lift 020202 0202020202 Car lift is a kind of special mechanical lifting equipment commonly used by large-tonnage cars or trucks repair and maintenance units. Four-column car lifts are also suitable for four-wheel positioning, because generally four-column car lifts have one or four wheel positioning gears, which can be adjusted to ensure the level. According to their structure, four-column lifts are divided into two types: upper cylinder type and lower cylinder type. The upper cylinder type four-column lift has a cylinder placed on the top of the column (with a beam), and the lower cylinder type cylinder is placed under the plate. The upper cylinder type four-column lift mainly relies on four chains to pull up the four corners, and the tension cylinder is placed on the top. This structure is simple, but its own weight is increased. Most upper cylinder four-post lifts are manual or pneumatic for the second time, and repairmen need to run to the bottom to operate, which is inconvenient and unsafe for users who often use the second lift. The safety device is a pneumatic device, which is troublesome if there is no air source. The lower cylinder four-column lift mainly relies on four crude steel cables to pull up the corners. The tension cylinder is placed under the flat plate and transmits the force to the four sides through six discs. The structure is relatively compact and its own weight is reduced. The secondary lifting is generally electric hydraulic, and it is connected with the main pump. It only needs to rotate the conversion valve. The lifting speed is fast, the safety device is a wedge type, and the four wedges are linked by a pull rod, and the insurance device can be opened by pulling the pull rod, which is convenient and durable. Operating rules: 1. Before use, remove equipment and debris that hinder operation near the lift, and check whether the operating handle is normal. 2. The operating mechanism is sensitive and effective, and the hydraulic system does not allow crawling. 3. When supporting the vehicle, the four supporting corners should be on the same plane, and the height of the support angle rubber pad should be adjusted so that it touches the chassis support part of the vehicle. 4. When supporting the car, the vehicle is too high to support, and the four brackets after supporting it must be locked. 5. After the lifting vehicle enters, the lift support block should be adjusted and moved to the lifting point specified by the model. 6. Personnel should leave the vehicle when lifting. When lifting to the required height, they must insert a safety lock pin and ensure safety and reliability before starting the underside operation of the vehicle. 7. Except for subsistence allowances and minor repair projects, other tedious and bulky work shall not be operated and repaired on the lifter. 8. The lifter must not rise and fall frequently. 9. The lift should be steady and the landing should be slow when supporting the car. 10. It is strictly forbidden to lift or lift elevators when someone is working. 11. If the operating mechanism is malfunctioning, the motor is out of sync, the bracket is uneven, or the hydraulic part is oil leaking, it should be promptly reported for repair and must not be operated with illness. 12. After the work is completed, debris should be removed and the area around the lift should be cleaned to keep the site clean and tidy. 13. Regularly (half a year) remove the accumulated water in the lift cylinder and check the oil volume. If the oil volume is insufficient, the pressure oil of the same grade should be added in time. At the same time, check the lubrication, lift transmission gear and seam bars. The purpose of the car lift can be divided into four-wheel positioning type and flat type according to the function; according to the space occupied, it can be divided into ground type and Jizo type; the ground type does not need to dig grooves, is suitable for any repair shop, some floor slabs are not suitable for installing two-column lifts and ordinary four-column lifts, and the machine has a wide contact area with the floor slab, so that it can be installed on any floor that can be driven to solve customer site problems. The biggest advantage of scissor lifts over two-column and four-post lifts is that they do not occupy space and are easy to use. The disadvantage is that the oil replenishment balance requirements are strict, and they need to be equipped with a control box, which is more expensive. 02 thousand fishing shop https://41139.qianyuwang.com/

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Company name:Jinan Juli Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Company address:No. 8 Ankang Street, Jiyang District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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