Introduction to varieties of peach seedlings cold dew peach saplings in 2 years


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Introduction to varieties of cold dew peach saplings. In 2020, cold dew peach saplings should always pay attention to diseases and pests such as red. Yao Chuanjuan's statement confirmed by Tu Guojun, general manager of flowers: although it is better than last year, there is basically no change in New Year's Eve flowers this year. August 16 News: Another week will be a festival. Although Beggar's Day is a festival, it has not affected the popularity of the masses. Within 15-20 years, the proportion will reach more than 20%. Florist staff: they all say it's a child's one, right, and the next one, about the same as a holiday delivery, is a carnation. 5. Bright nectarines are early ripening varieties, sweet nectarines with white meat. The growth of young trees is moderate and strong, and the results slow down. The internodes are slightly longer, the middle fruit branches are 1.86 cm long, the leaves are lanceolate, the length-width ratio is 4.5:1, the flowers are small (bell-shaped), pollen, and the self-flowering fruit setting rate is 30.3%. The fruit is oval, the average single fruit weight is about 105 grams, up to 150 grams or more, the surface is smooth and hairless, 80% fruit is rosy red, the peel is medium thick, not easy to peel off, the pulp is milky white, soft solute, rich in juice, medium fiber, PH5.0, viscous core. The fruit develops for about 70 days, and ripens from June 10 to 12 in the Zhengzhou region. At the Wuchang Bayi Flower Base and the Hongshan Square Flower and Bird Market, many florists have colorful bulbous flowers such as hyacinths and tulips placed at the entrance of many florists. The reporter learned that in addition to flowers that mean good luck, such as peonies and anthurums, many flowers with health functions are also particularly popular. For example, a lily was sold for 45 yuan a year ago, and one branch was also sold for 67 yuan, but now it has risen to 78 yuan for one branch. “The Fatong market has been very sluggish in the past two years. This year, the company cut 20,000 seedlings, and the products are sold to Guangzhou and other places. It is expected that there will be a larger market volume next year. Rich in peach pulp, soft pulp, sweet and fragrant. The pulp is rich in various nutrients such as glucose, fructose, vitamin C, etc., and is called a treasure among peaches in China. In addition, the skin of peaches is very thin, suitable for eating raw, and lubricated in the mouth without leaving residue. First-ripe peaches are hard and sweet, and ripe peaches are soft and juicy. When you eat them, you can gently pick them up, tear off the skin carefully, and taste them carefully. They are delicious, and sweet in your heart. I'm afraid the taste can be compared to the royal mother's CIP peach. This kind of fruit is a rare treasure for the elderly and people with bad teeth. And as for children, they can't resist their sweet temptation.

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Company name:Taian Yuemei Seedling Co., Ltd
Company address:Taian, Shandong

Introduction to varieties of peach seedlings cold dew peach saplings in 2 years product details

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