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Golden Shuai dwarf apple saplings how many trees are planted in one mu How many planting cooperatives are planted in one mu Golden Shuai dwarf apple saplings How many trees are planted in one mu Fine management of apple seedlings is the key Apple seedlings Botanical characteristics The canopy is medium and large, the tree is moderate, the dry nature is strong, the branches are stout, and the tree is half-open. Perennial branches reddish-brown, small in skin holes, dense, round, raised, white. The leaves are large, the average leaf width is 5.2 cm, the length is 7.9 cm, mostly oval, the leaf color is dark green, the leaf surface is flat, the leaf is less hairy, the leaf edge is blunt, the leaf support is small, the petiole is 2.2 cm long, the flower buds are pink, the petals are white after bloom, the corolla diameter of 3.2 cm, the pollen is more. Young trees have strong growth, high germination rate, strong branching strength, moderate growth, and 4-6 lateral branches after a short cut of the new tip. According to the survey, the composition of branches during the fruiting period: long branches accounted for 3.2%, medium branches 30.5%, short branches 29.8%, and leafy branches 36.5%. It is mainly based on short fruit branches. It has the habit of axillary flower buds, and it is easy to grow into flower fruit. The flower buds are large and full compared to the comparison, the fruit is large, and the yield is good. Anvil trees begin to bear fruit in 4 to 5 years, dwarf anvils begin to bear fruit in 3 years, and enter the fruiting period 5 years later. There is no strict selectivity for pollinated varieties. The fruit setting rate of cross-pollination is high, and the fruit setting rate of inflorescences can reach more than 80%. The extraction capacity of fruit taiji is 3 times richer than that of tobacco, and the ability to produce continuous results is stronger. It can account for 45.7% of the results for 2 years in a row, and the phenomenon of large and small annual results is 3 lighter than that of tobacco. Surveys for 3 consecutive years showed that the time for this variety to start coloring and full color was 3 to 5 days earlier than Tobacco Rich 3. It sprouts from the end of March to the beginning of April in the Yantai region. The first flowering period is April 27 to May 1, and the full bloom period is May 2 to 7, and the flowering period is 7 to 9 days. Late April to early June is the period of rapid growth of spring tips, slowing growth in late June, and peak growth of autumn tips from early July to late August. The fruit ripens in late October, the fruit grows for 170 to 180 days, and the leaves fall in mid-November. In terms of adaptability and stress resistance, Yanfu 10 has strong adaptability to climate and soil, and has a wide range of planting areas. It has shown good growth and results in all counties and cities of Yantai. It has abundant yields, good fruit coloring, clean fruit surface, bright color, high commodity fruit rate, and few physiological fruit fall or pre-harvest fruit fall. As with the control, it is less resistant to rottweiler disease, and is more resistant to anthracnose and early deciduous disease. 1. Pollination work during flowering is the main task during this period. In recent years, many orchards have had a low number of pollinating trees. Poor flowering climates can cause apples to bloom short, affecting the pollination of the main apple varieties during the flowering period. In the case of insufficient pollination tree configuration, artificial pollination can be used to improve the fruit setting rate. 2. Spraying boron fertilizer during flowering can promote pollen germination and pollen tube growth, and have a certain effect on ovary development. Boron can increase the content of vitamins and sugars, improve quality, improve oxygen supply to the root system, enhance absorption capacity, and promote root development. 3. Scientific fruit harvesting is an effective measure to improve the quality of single fruits. Excess or poor quality young fruit can be removed 10 days after flowering. Generally, fruit is kept reasonably according to the tree trend, variety, and fertilizer management. Pay attention to fruits with large clusters of leaves under the fruit handle. Fruits with no commercial value such as tip heads, migrans, fetuses, infertility, small fruit, rusty fruit, frost ring fruit, branch grinding fruit, handle fruit and insect damage fruit should be removed. For orchards with poor fertilizer conditions, the amount of fruit left per mu is 70,000 to 90,000, and orchards with medium fertility retain 10,000 to 12,000 fruits per mu; orchards with high fertilizer can retain 13~20,000 fruits, which can be suitable for tree load. 4. The selection and spraying of post-flowering drugs is the key to various diseases and pests to ensure the healthy growth and development of young apple fruits. It is also an effective measure to improve the quality of fruit by bagging fruit. In terms of actual production, diseases include deciduous disease and red and black spot disease. Pests mainly include starspiders, rollleaf moths, aphids, etc. Fertilizer management needs to be kept up, so that fruit can be guaranteed for orchard production. During each growth period of fruit trees, according to the various elemental fertilizers required for fruit tree growth and development, fertilizer and water are integrated and supplemented in time to create a good soil environment for the healthy growth of fruit trees.

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