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Chinese name: ferrous sulfate 02 02 Chinese alias: green alum. iron alum 02PH:302Cas:7782-63-002 Molecular formula: FeSO4617H2O02 Solubility: soluble in water, glycerin, insoluble in ethanol. 02 Uses: 1. industrial grade 1, water treatment Shandong Jin Runzi produces ferrous sulfate is mainly used as a flocculant: good flocculation effect, has a good decolorization ability, also has the function of removing heavy metal ions, oil removal, phosphorus removal, sterilization, etc., especially for the decolorization and removal of COD, electroplating wastewater ferrite co-precipitation effect is obvious, and its price is cheap, is printing and dyeing, electroplating A well-deserved production for wastewater treatment such as plating. 2. Reducing agent A large amount of ferrous sulfate is used as a reducing agent, mainly reducing chromate in cement. 3. Colorant a, ferrous sulfate for woodworking makes maple dyed with silver color. b. Ferrous sulfate can be used to dye concrete to yellow rust color. c. The production of iron tannate ink and other inks requires the use of ferrous sulfate d. 、The mordant for wood dyeing also contains ferrous sulfate. 4. Used for chromatographic analysis reagents... photographic plate making. 2. fortifier for feed grade crop feed additive stickers. Iron is one of the essential trace elements in animals. It is hemoglobin and myoglobin, cytochrome A and certain respiratory enzymes. It participates in the transport, exchange and tissue breathing process of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. Iron is related to red blood cell formation and maturation. Iron enters juvenile erythrocytes in bone marrow hematopoietic tissue and binds to porphyrin to form orthohemoglobin, which in turn synthesizes hemoglobin with globulin. Ferrous sulfate monohydrate is used as an iron supplement in feed. III. Agricultural grade 1. Used as fertilizer. 2. Regulate soil pH and promote chlorophyll formation (also known as iron fertilizer), which can prevent yellowing disease caused by iron deficiency in flowers and trees. It is an indispensable element of happy acid flowers and trees, especially iron trees. 3. In agriculture, it can also be used as a pesticide to prevent wheat smut, scab of apples and pears, rot of fruit trees; 4. It can also be used as a fertilizer 4. It can remove moss and lichen from tree trunks. Symptoms of iron deficiency: 1. Young leaves lack green, and old leaves are still normal. 2. The leaf flesh turns yellow, and the veins are still green, showing reticular veins. 3. In severe cases, the entire leaf turns yellow, whiten, or falls off. 4. Fruit trees and ornamental plants on calcareous soils in the north are prone to loss of green. Dosage: (1) Foliar spray: dilute 800-1200 times with water, carry out uniform foliar spray, spray 2-3 times continuously, at intervals of 7-10 days each time. (2) Soil base application or follow-up application: 1000-3000 g/mu for general crops, mixed with organic fertilizer and applied together. (3) Injection method: Fruit trees can use 10 ml of ferrous sulfate with a concentration of 0.1% (that is, diluted 1000 times the liquid), insert the injection needle into the trunk, and then hang the infusion bottle on the tree to let the tree slowly absorb. This method works quickly, and the effect can be seen after 3 days. (4) The direct application amount of iron fertilizer is easily converted into high-speed iron compounds and fails. Therefore, ferrous sulfate as base fertilizer can be mixed with 10-20 times organic fertilizer and the application effect is good. Foliar spraying of 0.2%-0.5% ferrous sulfate aqueous solution is better than base application. The safe dosage of ferrous sulfate is 0.2-0.3%. Packing and storage: outer woven bag, lined with plastic bag. The net weight of each bag is 25kg,50kg, 1000kg, 1250kg or according to customer requirements. Store in a dry warehouse. Keep away from fire... heat. Transport with a cover to prevent sun, rain and moisture. Qianyu Wangpu https://35246.qianyuwang.com/

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Company name:Shandong Jin Runzi Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Company address:Nanwang Village, Changshan Town, Zouping City, Shandong Province

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