How to find the right Amazon keyword for product listing


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How to find the right Amazon keyword for product listing

to want toIncrease the flowAmazon SEO search engine optimization, needsAmazon SellerSelect the correct keyword. And find good, relevantAmazon KeywordStart with keyword research.

Like traditional search engine optimization,Amazon SEOSearch engine optimization keyword research is toAmazon product listingSelect the correct keyword.Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,Amazon sellers need to consider two indicators:

1. Relevance

AmazonSellers need to consider the relevance of keywords. Select a keyword that the customer is using and looking for similar products.

2. Performance

Amazon sellers should also select keywords based on their performance potential. At the same time, you should also consider the amount of keyword searches, otherwise you may be limited to a certain number of users.

Of course, there are many keyword research tools that can help Amazon sellers find the right keywords and view the search volume. There are also specific tools that can show what people are searching for on Amazon and how many people are searching for it. These tools include:

1.Amazon Auto Fill。


3.Amazon Automatic Campaigns。

IUse Amazon Auto Fill for keyword research

Amazon's auto fill feature is not only easy to use, but also free. Use the search bar on Amazon's homepage to record the auto fill suggestions generated by Amazon for keywords.

onesign outAmazon account

twoOpen an incognito tab.

threeNavigate to the Amazon homepage.

fourEnter seed keyword in the search field, but do not press the search key.

fiveNote all auto populate suggestions generated by Amazon in the search bar.

This method is very effective because the auto fill recommendation isAmazon customersThe content of the actual search. Amazon sellers will get a list of related keywords.

Although this method can generate relevant keyword suggestions, Amazon sellers cannot get an indication of a performance indicator, such as search volume. Therefore, Amazon sellers with this demand may need to use other Amazon tools.

IIUse Sellzone for Amazon keyword research

Sellzone is a set of tools to help sellers optimize and manage Amazon listing. Its Traffic Insight tool can use existing listing to assess market and audience potential.

How to find the right Amazon keyword for product listing

Sellzone provides an in-depth understanding of competitor keywords, which Amazon sellers can use in their own listing. This method will help sellers identify the competitive keyword list with performance potential.

3、 Keyword research on using Amazon automatic activities

Amazon sellers can use the Automatic Campaigns tool to view the listing of existing products on Amazon and find other potential search terms that have been converted by the product. The tool also includes a keyword report, which is very useful when sellers do additional keyword research.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,To access this tool,AmazonThe seller needs to navigate to the seller's control panel and select Reports → Advertising Reports → Search Term Report.

stayAmazonAfter getting enough keywords, the seller needs to add the keywords to the product description and title, and at the same time integrating all the keywords, the seller needs to write a convincing copy that can promote sales. For example, use listing to tell a story, emphasizing the features and benefits of the product. This can improve sales and conversion rate, thereby improving Amazon's ranking.

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