What are the advantages of Amazon FBA? Is the 24-hour customer service online


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What are the advantages of Amazon FBA in cross-border shipping? Is 24-hour customer service online

Amazon FBA sellers usually have many advantages. Just like ordinary accounts and privileged accounts, they need several special functions to help sellers solve some problems. Today we will talk about the advantages of Amazon FBA.

The operating mechanism of Amazon FBA is that the seller labels the goods and delivers them to the Amazon warehouse, including sorting, packaging, and distribution. The seller does not need to manage the goods. The seller is only responsible for the sales of goods. At the same time, the seller can track the goods at any time according to the order, which is very convenient.

What are the advantages of Amazon FBA

1、Priority to obtain the qualification of gold shopping cart

Sellers who use Amazon FBA to deliver goods can preempt gold shopping carts. Everyone knows that gold shopping carts are the guarantee of sales, which is of great benefit to sellers.

2、Qualification to participate in Seckill

There are many seckill activities on Amazon. At the same time, BD, LD, DOTD, as well as major festivals in the second half of the year, there are also many activities, such as Black Five Online One, Christmas and so on. The premise of participating in these activities is that they are delivered by Amazon FBA.

3、The delivery time is very fast

Using Amazon FBA to deliver goods is relatively fast, because it is self operated by Amazon, and the logistics speed is also relatively fast. Usually, it takes 3-5 days in the United States, and sometimes the next day.

4、Improve listing ranking

Prioritizing the gold shopping cart will increase the trust of buyers, improve the ranking and conversion rate of listing, and greatly increase the order volume.

5. High trust

Buyers generally like the ones with more reviews, and the ones with the highest ranking. Basically, Amazon FBA can make the products rank higher, and at the same time increase the trust of buyers, which will improve the user experience.

6、7 × 24-hour customer service

If the seller chooses Amazon FBA, they can find customer service at any time. No matter which country they are in, they can directly find customer service if they have problems. 24-hour customer service is online. It is very convenient for the seller. This is the advantage of Amazon FBA.

7. Don't worry about the seller

From packaging to delivery, there is no need for the seller to worry about anything. Amazon will have a special person to take care of these things. The seller can save time and effort, and only needs to manage the Amazon store.

8. Delete negative comments

The seller will encounter bad comments after the process, such as negative comments on FBA, you can directly find Amazon customer service and let it be deleted.

Amazon FBA has many advantages, but the cost is expensive. The seller needs to spend a lot of money to transport the goods to the FBA warehouse, and also needs to pay storage fees. FBA will not provide customs clearance services to the seller, but the seller needs to solve the problem.

Sellers need to start from reality, consider practical problems, and then consider whether to choose Amazon FBA. They must be careful.

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