What are the violations of Amazon sellers? How can Amazon write a complaint letter to save the store


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What are the violations of cross-border e-commerce logistics by Amazon sellers? How can Amazon write a complaint letter to save the store

As the saying goes, people often walk by the lake, and never get their shoes wet. When even Amazon veterans make mistakes, they may sometimes violate Amazon's rules if they are not careful. The account may be warned or blocked, and even the store may be closed in serious cases. Maybe most sellers have heard about Amazon's violations even though they have not experienced them,Amazon Complaint LetterHow should I write it?

If a seller does not follow Amazon's rules and violates Amazon's rules, he or she must correct them in time to get Amazon's forgiveness and save the store. If he or she does not make changes, the store may die.

Which are the violations of Amazon sellers


Infringement events often occur. No matter the outer packaging, invention, trademark or logo, infringement is not allowed. Once infringement is found, the seller will lose a lot. Maybe even the store and capital will die. Therefore, the seller must pay more attention when launching the product.

2、click farming

Whether it is a domestic e-commerce platform or an Amazon platform, it is not allowed to swipe orders. In particular, illegal swiping of reviews will be punished by the platform. Therefore, sellers must pay attention not to step on the red line to avoid account closure.

3、Store Association

Amazon stipulates that it can open multiple Amazon stores, but one business license can only open one store. If it opens multiple stores, Amazon will be held accountable. In serious cases, many stores may be closed.

4、Malicious competition

The malicious competition is serious. For example, if the peers poison you, place orders in the store maliciously, and cancel orders in large quantities, Amazon will be deemed as abusing sales and punished.


If the product is sold with the seller, and the opponent sells fake goods, the bad comments may be all on the seller, which also happens frequently. There are a lot of bad comments on the listing page.

How to write Amazon complaint letter

First of all, they expressed their apologies, and then explained the situation. Why was the store closed this time? They described all the reasons they learned from the investigation, and explained the reasons more clearly;

In view of how to solve this problem, propose solutions and specific implementation plans;

Ensure that such events will not occur in the future, and how to avoid such events;

Finally, I am eager to restore the sales authority of the store. With a sincere attitude, the general appeal will be successful.

Amazon sellers should not do anything that violates the rules, and Amazon complaint letters need not be written. Always remember Amazon's rules. Only when you do not cross the red line, and do a good job, can the store get on the right track step by step.

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