How do sellers register Amazon Vine, what conditions should they meet, and what is the cost


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How to register Amazon Vine for sellers of e-commerce platform, what conditions should be met, and what is the cost

VineyesAmazonCreate a product review program to provide honest and fair comments for customers.Amazon VineWill invitetopLevel ReviewerComment, the reviewer canGet a free product. This incentive planReviewerAnd the seller.

Now?AmazonNo customer allowedactiveEnter Amazon Vine programVine Voice”Only the most trusted reviewers of Amazon.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,Amazon will rank according to users' commentsInvite users to be VineVoice, which reflects other Amazon usersHow to view VQuality of ice commentsAnd whether their comments are available to other usershelp.

IHow does Amazon Vine work?

If an Amazon seller has registered for the Amazon Vine program, one of the Vine Voices can request to review the seller's products. Amazon sellers will provide products for free in exchange for their comments.

Generally, comments on Amazon Vine are very comprehensive and often include pictures of products.

Of course, Amazon Vine cannot guarantee that sellers will only get positive feedback. If Vine Voices finds a problem with the seller's product, they will not hesitate to write it downNegative comments

Positive Vine comments:

How to register Amazon Vine for Seagoing Information sellers, what conditions should be met, and what is the cost

Negative Vine comments:

How to register Amazon Vine for sellers of e-commerce platform, what conditions should be met, and what is the cost

IIWhat are the requirements and fees for registering Amazon Vine?

Before Amazon opened its Vine program to third-party sellers in 2019, only the first party sellers/VC sellerTo be able to use the program, they paid a high registration fee, typically $2500 to $7500 per ASIN.

According to Junglescout, in the past, third-party sellers could register Vine for free, but from October 12, 2021, Amazon will charge each parent ASIN a registration fee of $200. In addition to the registration fee, the seller must also pay Vine Reviewer's product costs.

Amazon Vine ProgramThe requirements of are as follows:

oneAmazon seller must be aBrand registrationSeller.

twoThe seller must give away each product free of charge.

threeThere must be less than 30 comments on Listing.

fourThe seller's product must be“NewFBA offer under the condition of "brand new".

fiveThe seller's product cannot be an "adult" product.

sixThe seller's product must have been launched at the time of registration.

sevenSeller must have available product inventory.

eightThe listing of the seller must have images and descriptions.

IIIHow to register Amazon Vine

If the Amazon seller's brand and product meet the above requirements, you can follow the steps below to register Amazon Vine.

At the seller's center, click on“AdvertisingAdvertising tab, open Vine.

How do cross-border e-commerce platform sellers register Amazon Vine, what conditions should they meet, and how much is the cost

2. If the seller has registered a brand, he will see a“Enroll in Amazon Vine”Button.

How do cross-border e-commerce logistics sellers register with Amazon Vine, what conditions should they meet, and what are the costs

3. On the next screen, the seller can enterASIN, and then click Start Registration.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan, the current Amazon sellerOnly 5 ASINs can be registered at a timeIfA product was canceledregistersellersureregisterAnother product.

After registration, Amazon sellersSend product samples to Amazon, Vine Voices canknowTheThe product can be tested

Amazon based on each reviewer's previous purchaserecord/CommentsTo decide what products to offer them. For example, if Vine Voice mainly purchasesBy commenting on electronic products, Amazon is more likely to provide them with such products.

28 days before registration,AmazonOnly willseller's products are displayed toOften shop in the seller's categoryVine Voices target group of. If there is still inventory after 28 days, Amazon will provideThe product

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