What is the email template of Amazon's late complaint rate?


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What is the email template of Amazon's late rate of complaints for cross-border shipping?

AmazonAs one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, the seller has always adhered to the principle of "customer satisfaction first". To this end, the seller should meet the requirements ofShop performance indicators, one of which isLate rate

If the late delivery rate exceeds the standard, the seller's account will be suspended from sales by Amazon. It is possible to recover the account only by appealing and submitting a POA email.

1. What is the late rate?

The late delivery rate is expressed in English as the Late Dispatch Rate (LDR) or the Late Shipment Rate (LSR), which is the percentage (within a period of time) between the order quantity of the seller's delayed delivery and the total order quantity. It is applicable to the order that the seller performs logistics.

2. Why is Amazon blocked due to late delivery rate?

In Amazon's view, the late delivery rate is a crucial indicator, because it is directly related to the consumer's shopping experience.

Suppose you are a consumer, buy a product for a special day or event, and order it on time so that it can be delivered the day before the event. As a result, how would you feel if the package was not delivered to you on the delivery date promised by the seller? Will you give good comments? Will you buy things in this store later? The answer is obviously no.

Delayed delivery has a negative impact on both the seller itself and the Amazon platform, and will cause consumers to lose trust.

Amazon does not want this to happen, so it has stipulated the late delivery rate indicator, and each seller's late delivery rate (LDR) should be less than 4%.

3. How to solve the problem of late delivery rate?

There is no shortcut and no skill. The seller can only rely on timely delivery and timely delivery of orders to reduce the delayed delivery rate as much as possible.

Here are some suggestions:

a. Timely update the documents and do not delay the delivery process

b. Avoid human error in manual shipment and delivery process

C. Track orders and maintain spot inventory

d. Prepare packaging materials and other shipping materials to avoid "the last moment of delivery" delay

e. Once the shipment is completed, immediately go to the Amazon background to mark the order as "Dispatched"

f. ContinuousMonitor late delivery rateOnce more than 4% is found, be alert immediately and start to analyze the problems in the delivery procedure

The above is a way to prevent the late delivery rate from exceeding the standard. If the account has been suspended from sales due to the late delivery rate, a complaint is required.

4. What is the email template of late complaint rate?

In order to restore the suspended account, the seller needs to submit a detailed POA email or Letter of Appeal to the Amazon seller performance team.

start,Briefly explain why the seller wrote this POA email, explain why their operating indicators fail to meet Amazon's requirements.

The real reason should be given, for example, the number of employees is low or the inventory is low. In short, the seller needs to give more specific details about the root cause of the delayed shipment event.

next,List the measures being taken or to be takenTo solve the problem of excessive late delivery rate.

In particular, action measures should be taken according to each of the reasons mentioned above. For example, if the inventory is low, more suppliers should be negotiated; With fewer employees, more experienced employees will be hired.

last,100% guarantee to Amazon that the seller will start to implement the measures mentioned above, and you can see the immediate effect.

In addition, it should be mentioned that the seller will take more actions to make consumers happy and satisfied.

Blueocean Yiguan has learned that Amazon will read the complaint letter of a seller in the same case for a maximum of 3-4 times. If it is not convincing, the seller will have no chance. No matter how many emails are sent later, Amazon will not reply to it.

Therefore, if the seller needs to write a second letter of appeal, it is recommended to obtain the help of a professional team, such as Amazon Appeal Pro.

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