How can shoppe sellers reduce the return rate? What are the countermeasures?


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
Source: egainnews

How can cross-border e-commerce logistics store sellers reduce the return rate? What are the countermeasures?

Like other e-commerce platform sellers, Shopee sellers also turn pale at the problem of high product return rate.

However, unlike Amazon, Shope has established a buyer evaluation system to restrict the shopping behavior of platform consumers in order to protect the interests of sellers.

The system can detect consumers who have abnormal behaviors on the platform. For example, when some bad buyers violate the return policy or abuse the return policy, they will be punished by the platform.

In addition, Shopee has the right to deduct some amount to compensate the seller for the products intentionally damaged by some consumers.

In general, compared with the return policy of the Amazon platform, Shopee does not blindly favor consumers, but does its best to protect the interests of both buyers and sellers.

However, for some shoppe sellers, the high return rate of products may have a lot to do with the products and their own operations.

So, how should Shope sellers deal with the high return rate?

oneTo optimize product listing, when writing product descriptions and titles, do not use exaggerated words to describe product functions in order to attract traffic, because when consumers find that the product is not as described by listing after purchasing, return is a high probability event.

twoImprove product quality. According to previous seller return experience, many consumers return goods because of quality problems. Therefore, sellers should pay attention to product quality and regularly improve and optimize it.

threeMore optimization should be made on the outer packaging of the product to avoid the damage of the product due to collision during the logistics and distribution process, which will lead to the consumer being unable to use the product after receiving the goods and generating a return request.

In addition, store sellers should also pay attention to the way of communication with consumers

After the consumer has a return request, the seller should immediately contact the consumer, give a reply to the consumer's request for questions and provide solutions.

In this process, the seller should try to keep a low tone to prevent the contradiction from expanding.

If the buyer still insists on returning the goods after communication, the seller should meet its requirements and avoid complaints or negative comments, because this phenomenon will cause more harm to the seller.

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