What products must have Amazon UL certification? Do washing machines need UL certification


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Cross border e-commerce logistics What products must have Amazon UL certification, and do washing machines need UL certification

Most people pay attention to the date and safety of products when they buy things. Americans pay more attention to safety. They usually pay attention to the safety of products when they buy things, such as electronic products and household appliances. UL certification is about safety certification. Today we will talk aboutAmazon UL CertifiedRelevant issues.

If the seller's products are not UL certified, the sales may not be as good as the certification. Although UL certification is not mandatory in the United States, consumers still prefer to buy products with safety certification.

What is Amazon UL certification

UL is the abbreviation of Underwriter Laboratories Inc., which means American Underwriters' Testing Institute. It is a relatively large, independent and profitable professional organization in the United States that conducts tests for public safety. UL certification is a non mandatory certification in the United States, mainly for the detection and certification of product safety performance. Generally speaking, consumers are willing to buy products with UL certification because they have security guarantees.

What Amazon UL certified products must have

Keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc;Household Electric AppliancesIncluding refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc;lamps and lanternsIncluding stage lights, LED lights, etc; Medical devices, cameras, monitors, etc; Metal,Plastic, cloth velvet, etc;Wire and cablewait.

Is there a fee for Amazon UL certification

For sellers, UL certification is generally preferred by sellers with large sales volume. Because UL certification requires fees and annual maintenance fees, and the certification agency has to inspect the factory once a year, which is very troublesome. However, the sales of products after certification are generally good, and users like to buy them, which is reassuring.

Amazon UL reports that the general cycle is 7 working days and the cost is 6.5K, so you can handle the urgent service;

If UL institutions are used to issue certificates, the cost is relatively high, ranging from 5 to 15W, and the time cycle is also relatively long, generally in 4 to 9 months, and it is not allowed to apply for urgent service.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds all sellers that Amazon UL certification can improve the sales of products, and at the same time increase the buyer's sense of security and trust, which is good for both sellers and buyers.

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