What are Amazon's best sellers in 2022?


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What are Amazon's best sellers in cross-border e-commerce logistics in 2022?

Selection has always been an eternal topic for Amazon sellers. Many sellers want to be Amazon's best seller, which is very profitable.

Which products sell well on Amazon?

At present, it can be called "best-selling",Mainly personal care products, games, puzzles andFitness EquipmentThese categories

Specific products include:

Mask, such as tear off mask

Nail polish

Hair care products

Fitness supplies

Yoga Mat

Water bottle

Fitness belt

Games and puzzles

Trivial Pursuit Unhinged

It is worth noting that the COVID-19 epidemic has had an impact on consumers' daily online shopping, because they may not spend so much money on personal items or gifts as they did before the epidemic.

On the other hand, under the new normal of epidemic isolation and maintaining social distance, many people turned to Amazon platform to purchase personal care products and entertainment products.

Other categories predicted to sell well in 2022 include:

Cameras and photos

Handmade products

Pet Supplies & Pet

Books (always the best-selling category on Amazon, especially e-books sold through Kindle stores)

In general,The following categories have lasting sales potential on Amazon:

Toys and games

electronic product

Cameras and photos

Video games


Clothing, shoes and jewelry

Household and kitchen supplies

There are some categories to avoid, especially CDs and vinyl records, because music streaming services will lead to a sharp decline in sales of these products.

The above are some general references, as well as some specific examples of best-selling products. In fact, there must be many more to explore.

Here's a way to learn about Amazon's best sellers, which is to check Amazon'sBest Sellers ListThis is the list of products ranked by Amazon according to sales volume. The most popular products are at the top.

On this Best Sellers list, sellers can see the product demand of Amazon's international sites, including the US, UK, Canada, Spain, Germany, etc.

Of course, the Best Sellers list is based on product categories. From toys to books to video games, each product category has its own best seller list.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that Amazon's Best Seller list is updated every hour, and sellers can view the hottest products in real time.

However, when using the Amazon Best Sellers list, pay attention to:

1. The competition for products on this list may be very fierce. After all, every seller can see this list, and it is inevitable to do so. As a result, many sellers compete

2. The sales of some of these products may be declining, which means that when the seller starts to make this product, its highest demand point has just passed

3. The profit margin of some best-selling products may be low, or even difficult to make profits

After understanding the best-selling products, you can also take a look at the content of the "Customers also rough" section to improve competitiveness by adjusting the product portfolio.

In fact, when it comes to Amazon's best-selling products, it does not necessarily mean that the seller will sell these products. The final choice of products depends on multiple factors, such as the competitive environment, the actual needs of the seller's site, and the seller's specific business situation.

There is no strategy to ensure that the seller selects the best seller every time. Usually, it is necessary to try some diversified products to find the right one.

When launching a new product, the market situation of the product should also be studied to ensure that the seller still has market demand and market space when entering.

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