How to do Amazon product positioning? Is product quality important


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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How to position Amazon products for cross-border shipping? Is product quality important

As the saying goes, it is difficult at the beginning. For new Amazon sellers, selecting products is the first big problem. Choosing a good product plays a 70% role in important performance. If you go wrong in the first step of opening a store, even if no effort is made later, we will talk about it todayAmazon product positioningQuestion.

Choosing a good product is related to many factors, such as product quality, market demand, product functions, and product price. There are many factors that affect Amazon's product positioning.

How to do Amazon product positioning

1、product quality

The first thing to consider is the quality of the product. No matter what kind of product the seller chooses, the first thing to do is to check the quality of the product, and the second thing is to say something else. Amazon always pays more attention to the product than the store, so the quality is very important. Don't choose poor quality and fake products. Only by doing well from the source can the store become stronger and stronger.

2、Market supply and demand

Check the destination country of the seller's shop to know the supply and demand of the product in a timely manner. Check whether the supply of the product exceeds the demand or the supply is less than the demand. If the supply has exceeded the demand, do not consider making this product again. Maybe the market of this product has been saturated, and the seller can consider choosing other products.

3、Tool Query

For some products that the seller can not judge correctly, you can check the past sales of the product in the Amazon search box or by using tools, such as AmzChart, a free product selection tool, to check the sales of the product in the market, as well as the best-selling list on Amazon, and so on. The seller can know the best-selling degree of the product, and then consider whether to make this product.

4、product price

When selecting products, sellers should also consider the price of the product. Amazon's product positioning price should be set reasonably, not too high or too low, or it will affect sales.


If you want to do a good job in a product, you should also know your competitors in a timely manner. If the product considered by the seller belongs to the Red Sea market and the competition is very fierce, or the competitor is a big brand, it is recommended that the seller should not consider it, otherwise it will be difficult to stand on the ground.

6、Product evaluation

When most sellers choose products, they will check the product evaluation,For example, review, qa,If the rating is above 3.5, users will be more likely to buy. Relatively speaking, the more favorable comments, the more purchasing power will increase. When making product positioning, sellers must check the product's rating in advance.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that, as Amazon sellers, they should know that, whether online or offline, they should first place their products in the first place, and keep up with every link in time from product selection to putting on the shelves, to promoting operations, and later logistics, so as to ensure that they can create best-selling products. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in positioning Amazon products.

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